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Manager, Technology & Venture Development (Head, Imaging Technologies) | MaRS Innovation

Toronto, ON, CA
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Fanny Sie’s academic achievements include a degree in Human Biology and Radiation Therapy from the University of Toronto.

Fanny Sie worked at Princess Margaret Hospital as a radiation research therapist for eight years. In this dual role, she was involved in managing treatment delivery for cancer patients and in researching and developing initiatives for novel optical and imaging devices utilized for treatment target optimization.

While enrolled in U of T’s Masters of Management of Innovation program, Fanny studied and aided in market-entry strategies of new technologies at various stages of the commercialization pipeline.

This education prepared her for the role of clinical applications business analyst for Elekta Oncology Systems in 2009, where she was a liaison between internal developmental engineers, product management, business units and a clinician-based clientele. Her responsibilities included ground-up development, configuration, training and implementing progressive technologies for cancer centers worldwide.

Industry Expertise (8)

  • Research
  • Advanced Medical Equipment
  • Health Care - Providers
  • Medical Devices
  • Computer Software
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • VC and Private Equity
  • Market Research

Areas of Expertise (11)

Early-Stage Technology Raising Capital Market-Entry Strategies of New Technologies Start-Ups Big Data Analytics / Risk Assessment 3d Printing Medical Imaging Commercialization Oncology Early-Stage Investing Digital Health

Education (3)

University of Toronto: Certificate , Masters of Management of Innovation (MMI)

University of Toronto: BSc/Dipl, Radiation Therapy

University of Toronto: HonsBSc, Human Biology

Affiliations (8)

  • Hacking Health TO
  • We Are Wearables
  • Digifest 2014
  • Medical Device Commercialization Center (Ottawa)
  • College of Medical Radiation Technologists Ontario (CMRTO)
  • The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

Languages (2)

  • English
  • Dutch

Media Appearances (5)

Printing whole organs remains a long way off

Financial Times  online


Three dimensional printing is already being used to manufacture everything from simple plastic figurines to complex metal aircraft parts. But the industry has a bigger target in its sights: creating living human tissues layer by layer.
Bioprinting offers the ability to accelerate drug development and testing and lower the cost. One day it may also produce replacement organs for patients in need of a transplant. The technology works by taking a patients’ cells to form a bioink, which is then placed into cartridges that contain a syringe fitted with an extrusion nozzle for printing.

Fanny Sie Media Appearance

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BlueDot Raises Series A Round to Track Global Spread of Infectious Diseases

TechVibes  online


BlueDot, a Toronto-based social benefit corporation founded by Dr. Kamran Khan, an infectious disease physician and scientist, tracks and predicts the global spread of infectious diseases.

BlueDot has secured a Series A venture capital funding from Horizons Ventures. Horizons invested in Facebook, Skype, Waze, Siri, and Spotify at early stages.

Fanny Sie Media Appearance

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Meet the innovators behind Toronto's 3D printing and cyber security sectors

Yonge Street Media  online


In a December 4 article, part of a feature series on technology in Toronto, Yonge Street Media reporter Andrew Seale highlights the creative and innovative technological work surrounding the 3D printing and cyber security sectors in the city.

MaRS Innovation’s Fanny Sie is managing business development for the Bioprinter, a 3D printer using University of Toronto technology that’s capable of printing on organic material, including skin.

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Looking for ways to get ‘skin’ in the game

Financial Post  print


Fanny Sie, project manager for the bio printer project, was interviewed for this article, which focuses on MaRS Innovation’s (MI) and the Innovations and Partnerships Office’s (University of Toronto) joint efforts to commercialize the bio printer, a “prototype 3D printer that, instead of extruding layers of plastic and other inorganic materials into physical shapes, builds layer upon layer of cell-laden tissue, a process that could lead to the cheap, rapid production of human skin.”

This article was syndicated in the Regina Leader Post, the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, and the Vancouver Sun, among other Canadian publications.

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"3D Printing: A Desktop Future"

TVO's The Agenda  tv


Fanny Sie, project manager in physical sciences and medical devices with specialization in medical imaging, appeared on TVO’s The Agenda on June 5, 2013 to discuss 3D printing.

Sie manages the Bioprinter technology, which was touched upon during the interview ( mark). The bioprinter was invented by Axel Guenther, a professor in the University of Toronto’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, PhD student Lian Leng and a team of other researchers.

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Event Appearances (2)

3D Manufacturing: Beyond the Hype

OCE Discovery Conference  Toronto, ON, Canada


3D Printing's Biological and Commercial Implications

Digifest  Toronto, ON, Canada



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