Marcel Bullinga Futurist & Speaker - . Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, , NL
Marcel Bullinga Futurist & Speaker - . Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, , NL

Marcel Bullinga Futurist & Speaker

Futurist. Trendwatcher. Speaker. Talkshow host. About the #future & #innovation |

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, , NL

Are You Futureproof? 100% interactive, witty presentation about future trends



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An interactive performance with speed and humour. How do life and work change under the influence of technology and the virtual world? In the future, you are in control. Free education, less traffic, printed meat & of course new colleagues, social robots. Burning question to everyone: "Are you better than a robot?"

A unique international duo show with trends, psychology & humour by Futurist Marcel Bullinga & Mind Reader Jamie Raven from Londen. In the future, we believe that doing business, making decisions and learning will become a game. The show itself is a game. About using your intuition, educated guesses and future skills. With a big smile :-)

Marcel Bullinga is futurist, trendwatcher, speaker & chairman. He gave & chaired hundreds of presentations for renowned clients. He is author of Welcome to the Future Cloud - 2025 in 100 Predictions. Member of @trendrede (Dutch trendwatchers "State of the Union"), Academy for Media & Society (Dutch mediacoaches), Techcast (US), ShapingTomorrow (UK), World Future Society (US), Singularity Hub (US)

@futurecheck | +31-629 55 29 46

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Think Tanks Business Services

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future trends innovation

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World Future Society Advantus Global TechCast Academy for Media & Society Shaping Tomorrow Trend Speech

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In the past 15 years, I have given hundreds of presentations for renowned companies and governments

,  Netherlands, UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark

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The future of...

well, pick your topic from my book!
work - education - media - healthcare - energy - mobility - retail

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Marcel Bullinga Futurist & Speaker - . Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, , NL