Otmane EL RHAZI - . London, London, GB
Otmane EL RHAZI - . London, London, GB


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London, London, GB

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Otmane EL RHAZI Trade expert in Forex, Commodities and Rates.

EDUCATION: Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussees (ENPC), Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC).

EMPLOYMENT: Prop Trader, Citi, EDF Trading.

INTERESTS: music, cinema and swimming.

Industry Expertise (3)

Financial Services Banking Accounting

Topics (3)

Forex Finance ENPC

Accomplishments (2)

Swing trading

professional 2006-01-31

Swing trading refers to a style of trading in which positions are held for a period of days or weeks in an attempt to capture short-term market moves. In general, swing traders rely on technical analysis and price action to determine profitable trade entry and exit points, paying little attention to the fundamentals. Trades are exited when a previously established profit target is reached, when the trade is stopped out (moves in the wrong direction) or after a set amount of time has elapsed. Bec

Day Trading

personal 2013-01-31

Day trading refers to a style of trading in which positions are entered and exited on the same day. Unlike position and swing traders, a day trader does not hold any positions overnight; trades are usually closed using a profit target or stop loss. Day traders typically use technical analysis to find and exploit intraday price fluctuations, viewing intraday price charts with minute, tick and/or volume based charting intervals. Because trades are held for a period of minutes to hours, large price

Education (2)


Master, Mathematics 2004

University Paris6

DEA, Finance and Mathematics 2004

Affiliations (3)

EDF Trading Citi UPMC

Testimonials (1)


Exotic Trader Citi

Great speech at the conference.

Talks (1)


Take the current situation:

I am bullish on the Dollar Index (DXC)
I believe the Dec 27th low marks the start of a sustained move higher
Which FX pairs since Dec 27th are the best candidates to trade?

DXC has rallied just over 1% but EUR/USD is off more than 1.5%. Thus why would traders not trade (short) EUR/USD versus the other pairs (except USD/CHF) which are underperforming?

Past Talks (1)

Exotic Option

bbk Conference,  London

Speaking Style


Keynote Moderator Panelist Workshop Leader Host/MC Author Appearance Corporate Training

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Otmane EL RHAZI - . London, London, GB