Are you covering "Back to School” and Next Generation Classrooms?

Are you covering "Back to School” and Next Generation Classrooms? Are you covering

As you know, the pandemic introduced many challenges to higher education, but it also opened up immense opportunities. As we look toward “back to school” in the fall, how will the student experience change? Universities must continue to innovate and adapt - using new technology to elevate opportunities for students and extend global reach.

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School is celebrating the opening of three next generation global classrooms that deliver a truly immersive, dynamic experience to students from anywhere in the world. The fully renovated spaces and innovative technology will connect students with each other and faculty in new ways, elevate classroom experiences, extend global reach, and eliminate the limitations of geography. Using hologram technology as well as augmented and virtual reality, the idea behind the global classrooms is to allow students the flexibility to learn in a way that fits their lifestyle and enables everyone to take a more active role in the learning process. More information can be found here - 

Interview: Jaclyn Conner - Associate Dean, Executive MBA

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