Sports Economics Textbook by SUU Professor Receives New Recognition

Nov 14, 2022

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David Berri

College is a place where discovery is always on the horizon. There are always new classes and careers in this changing world, and Southern Utah University is dedicated to helping students prepare for their future careers. Reading assigned text is the easiest and most common way to attain success. Textbooks are written by professionals in the field and can provide lots of insight and information to lead students to academic success and enrichment beyond the classroom.

Dr. David Berri is an economics professor at SUU and has recently received renewed recognition for his writings in the 2018 publication of the Sports Economics textbook released by Macmillan, one of the most prominent names in academic publishing.

Dr. Berri specializes in sports economics, having spent over two decades researching competitive balance, gender issues in sports, the NCAA, drafting labor, evaluating player and coach performance, and much more. He was also the lead author on two other books; The Wages of Wins (2006) and Stumbling on Wins (2010). Along with teaching, Dr. Berri has continued his writings focusing on sports economics for several prestigious websites, including, but not limited to the New York Times,,, Vice Sports, and currently

“This new recognition is great,” Dr. Berri stated. “This textbook took me six years to write and now over 60 schools have implemented it into their curriculum.”

Currently, Dr. Berri is working on a couple of new academic textbooks for subjects within his sphere of expertise.

“I’m working on two more textbooks at the moment. One is centered around women in sports, and isn’t quite finished yet. The other is set to publish soon, and it’s about economics and popular films.”

Dr. Berri is familiar with the media and is available for an interview.

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David Berri

David Berri

Department Chair and Professor of Economics

Specializing in evaluations of players and coaches in sports, gender issues in sports, and competitive balance in sports