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Professor and Program Coordinator, School of Business | Cambrian College

Sudbury, ON, CA

Brian is an expert in retail trends, branding, and mergers and acquisitions. He contributes to online, television, radio and radio reports.

With Sears sinking - what's next for retail?

With Sears sinking - what's next for retail? 2017-06-22
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Brian P. Vendramin

It's alleged that Sears Canada Inc., the once prominent retail giant, is preparing to seek court protection from creditors. The share price has fallen by almost 25 percent and one can only expect to see liquidation, and properties sold off. There is no white knight waiting in the wings and Sears Canada has said it has 'significant doubt' about its ability to pay its bills and keep operating.

So what happened? Could Sears just not keep up with the times? Was it a matter of competition and Sears just couldn't meet consumer demands like Target

Is online shopping finally taking a toll and has the retail landscape just changed that much?

Will the retail giant that has been seeing customers come through its doors since 1925 even make it until Christmas?

And what does the future hold for similar stores like HBC and what about malls that rely on anchor tenants?

There are a lot questions - and that's where the experts at Cambrian College can help.

Brian Vendramin is an expert in the areas of retail business and marketing. His insight and perspective have made him a regular with local and regional media. Brian is available to speak about this topic and share his opinion. Simply click on Brian's icon to arrange an interview.

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Sears canada stocks dive after report that it will seek court protection

Sears canada shares fell 21.25 per cent to 63 cents on the toronto stock exchange shortly after the market opened wednesday.

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