Comila Shahani-Denning - Hofstra University. Hempstead, NY, US

Comila Shahani-Denning Comila Shahani-Denning

Professor of Psychology; Director, M.A. Program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology | Hofstra University

Hempstead, NY, US

Expert in workplace issues and behavior, hiring practices, leadership development, human resource management

How #MeToo is Reshaping the Workplace

How #MeToo is Reshaping the Workplace 2017-12-06
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Comila Shahani-Denning

This week, TIME magazine named “Silence Breakers” – the women who spoke out against sexual harassment and ignited the #MeToo movement – as its Person of the Year. As the national reckoning in high profile industries such as media, entertainment and politics continues, Psychology Professor Comila Shahani-Denning, an expert on workplace issues and human resources management, can discuss the impact of the movement on corporate policy, training and culture.

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‘the silence breakers’ named time’s person of the year for 2017

In an interview on “today,” the magazine’s editor in chief said that the #metoo movement represented the “fastest-moving social change we’ve seen in decades.”