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Dr. Bennett joined SUU after a successful career in D.C., specializing foreign commerce, trade and product liability

Changing the Course - Updating the FAA Curriculum

Changing the Course - Updating the FAA Curriculum 2018-03-07
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Jared Britt Douglas Bennett

Today’s aviation technicians are being taught curriculum that was created over 56 years ago, before the invention of cell phones, GPS, personal computers or the Internet. Aviation students are not prepared for real-world jobs because they have been learning outdated curriculum that hasn’t been relevant in years.

Jared Britt, Director of Maintenance for the Aviation program at Southern Utah University and expert on aviation, is ready to change that. In addition to working with current aviation students at SUU, Britt’s goal is to get an exemption to coincide with future airman certification standards and better prepare students for industry jobs.

“My passion comes from the consistent need to drive change. The curriculum has barely changed in years. Why shouldn’t it be SUU trying to make the world of aviation a safer place by providing better training? There is a need, and we have the ability to meet that need in a way no one else ever has. I am excited to see our aviation program grow, and I am proud to be a part of a university that can see the value and necessity of offering technical training along with a degree path.”

If granted the exception, SUU will be allowed to utilize the method of credit hours in lieu of seat time requirements, teach with modern, advanced technology, and will encourage workforce development so the transition from graduation to career will be smooth and efficient.

The success of the initiatives thus far can be credited to a team effort. Michael Mower, the Executive Director of the SUU Aviation, has been a key player in the process, as well as others outside of the aviation program.

Douglas Bennett, Chair for Political Science and Criminal Justice Department at Southern Utah University has been working to support the efforts of the SUU Aviation program.

“As we join with ATEC members to urge the FAA to update the FAR Part 147 Rules, I look forward to discussing with them the tools and tactics of successful advocacy. We have an excellent story to tell, and I’m confident that with the help of our colleagues and Members of Congress we will make significant progress toward reaching our mutual goals.”

Working together to make a change, Britt, Bennett, and Mower will be presenting at the 2018 ATEC Annual Conference in Washington D.C. March 17-20, 2018. They are familiar with the media and available for an interview.


SUU Aviation Working to Change FAA Curriculum

The SUU Aviation Director of Maintenance, Jared Britt, is working to get an exemption from the U.S. Department of Transportation that will allow SUU’s Aviation Department to teach their own, updated curriculum.