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Jay Frost - Frost On Fundraising. Herndon, VA, UNITED STATES

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Principal | Frost On Fundraising


One of 'America's Top 25 Fundraising Experts,' bringing together people, ideas, and resources to fuel positive change.





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Jay Frost knows where the money is and he'll help you to find it!

Jay has been described by meeting planners and attendees alike as “a master of innovation” and “a beacon of light and inspiration” whose “humor filled and thought provoking” talks leave audiences both “energized and informed.”

Jay is a dynamic, witty and engaging speaker and trainer on fundraising, social media for nonprofits, international philanthropy, wealth identification and donor research. Since 1990, he has spoken at hundreds of meetings in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and the Middle East, including conferences of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA), the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC), the European Association for Philanthropy & Giving (EAPG), Researchers in Fundraising of the Institute of Fundraising (RiF) and many others.

If you need a speaker who is "thought-provoking, articulate and highly entertaining - in short, the perfect conference speaker," one who will bring your conferees content they "can apply to [their] own shop or work environment," just do as one conference chair recommends and "go see (or hire)” Jay Frost today.

Industry Expertise (4)

Fund-Raising Social Media Philanthropy Non-Profit/Charitable

Areas of Expertise (7)

Fundraising Philanthropy Non-Profits Entrepreneur Motivational Prospecting International

Education (2)

University of Michigan: BGS, English, Communications and Theatrical Production 1984

Interlochen Arts Academy: HSD, Creative Writing, Music 1980

Testimonials (19)

Deborah Greenberg, President, APRAGNY | APRA Greater New York

“I have heard Jay speak at a number of conferences and was thrilled to be able to engage him to speak at our APRA-GNY spring conference. His presentation about strategies and tactics for international fundraising and global prospect research was engaging, enlightening and highly relevant to our attendees. He is a speaker with great insight and expertise and a witty and energizing style. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker or consultant.”

Megan Riley Lewis, Marketing & Events Coordinator | Blackbaud Pacific

“We had the privilege to have Jay as our webinar speaker for Blackbaud Pacific’s Thought Leadership Webinars this past July. Jay was an engaging presenter and provided insightful information on global prospect research and tactics to our viewers. I hope to work with Jay again!”

Devon Gessert, President, APRA Metro DC | APRA Metro DC

“I recently asked Jay to speak for the APRA-Metro DC chapter. He spoke on Social Media and it was outstanding. We had about 30 people attend and everyone was engaged. After the presentation, I received congratulatory emails on the event and the presentation. Jay's thinking is out of the box, so the presentation was a different spin on a topic that, at least right now, is getting a lot of publicity - especially in the world of research. Thank you, Jay!”

Noelle Fleischmann , Event Marketer, Blackbaud | Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits 2011

“Jay spoke on behalf of Blackbaud at the 2011 Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits on the topic "Strategies and Tactics for International Fundraising & Prospect Research." He recieved above average session survey scores and rave reviews. We were honored to have him share his expertise with the nonprofit community. I would highly recommend him for any conference or speaking engagement. Thanks again!”

Joseph Boeke, Director of Development Operations and Interim Director of Annual and Special Gifts at California Institute of Technology |

“Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work with Jay on several occasions and in several different capacities. Jay is a consummate professional whose expertise across several disciplines in the fundraising and non-for-profit sectors make him a valued speaker and consultant.

His current expertise with social media and fundraising is much in demand, and I can highly recommend Jay's skills both as a presenter and as a consultant on that topic as well as international fundraising, data mining, and prospect research.”

Elizabeth Suffield , Communications and Volunteer Services Coordinator at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center | Seminars for the Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Pace University

“Jay's knowledge of Social Media Marketing is cutting edge- he is a great resource!”

Val Roberts, Director of Prospect Research at Brigham and Women's Hospital | On Site Training at Brigham and Women's Hospital

“Encyclopedic knowledge. Engaging presentations. Peerless understanding of challenges and potential solutions. Passion for nonprofits and for sharing his insights. Take advantage of this terrific resource!”

Melissa Lee, President at APRA-Illinois | APRA-Illinois

“His session on how to leverage the emerging social media technology for nonprofit fundraising was such a timely topic that it attracted a broad audience both within and outside our chapter’s membership.

Jay’s style was, as always, witty, smooth, and engaging. He also excelled in laying out the blueprints of campaign planning before diving into the technical details. As a result, on top of providing a thorough review of all the technologies available, his session also prompted the audience to reevaluate an essential fundraising concept – the campaign pyramid – in light of new social media trends.

Jay’s utmost professionalism and insights into fundraising definitely enhanced the overall quality of our conference.”

Henry Lau, Associate Director of Research at University of Michigan | APRA Michigan

“Jay spoke at the APRA, Michigan 2010 Fall Conference bringing his knowledge and experience in demographic changes and social media. His personable speaking style and engaging presentations were great additions to our conference. Jay lives up to his reputation for informed insight and creating lively discussions.”

M. Wade Kelley, CFRE, Regional Development and Services Director at Arthritis Foundation - Southeast Region | AFP TN

“Jay Frost was a guest speaker at one of our monthly meetings of our local AFP chapter. He spoke on prospect research. His presentation was terrific and gave everyone in attendance some very practical things to do. I would highly recommend Jay to any AFP chapter that is looking for a terrific speaker and presenter.”

Michele Skinn , Director at Fisher-Titus Foundation | Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

“Jay recently presented at the Ohio Assoc. for Healthcare Philanthropy conference and did a great job of packing a ton of infomration into a daylong seminar. I was able to walk away with some "to do's" that will help me in my efforts to raise funds for our small community hospital. I found Jay to be responsive, personable and most importantly, knowledgeable about the subjects on which he spoke.”

Michael Sernoff , Vice President, Client Services at SofterWare, Inc. | Softerware Webinars

“We arranged with Jay to present a webcast to our customers on the subject of social media. Not only did the webcast attract hundreds of our clients but the feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive. The content was extremely useful to our customers and we even learned a few things ourselves. Mainly, our clients responded positively to Jay. He was a very engaging presenter who came across as very polished, knowledgeable, and prepared. Our company benefited greatly from retaining Jay's services to provide this webcast and I would gladly work with him again... I would recommend Jay to anyone looking for an expert on the subject of helping nonprofit organizations maximize the benefit of using social media.”

Cindy Hecht, Assistant Manager, Branding and Corporate Communication Group at Hitachi America | "Philanthropy in the New Decade", Co-Sponsored by Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Hitachi America, Ltd.

“Jay Frost...was the HIT of the conference. He received the highest rating from our conference attendees who were all captivated by his fantastic presentation on fundraising in the digital age. He connected to our audience immediately and maintained an excellent rapport with them throughout his talk. He gave concrete examples and broke down different social media platforms into a steps/time equation, making them seem less intimidating to the the over 35 crowd. He was thought-provoking, articulate and highly entertaining - in short, the perfect conference speaker! I would be thrilled to have him speak at a future event and consider myself lucky if he was able to do so.”

Jen Filla, Prospect Research Consultant at Aspire Research Group LLC | APRA Florida

“Our chapter hired Jay as the keynote speaker for the APRA Florida annual conference on May 13-14, 2010. Having him in our promotional materials created a buzz and his presentation, “Stand Out” delivered on the promise. He was fun and inspirational, engaging the audience and adroitly providing us with ideas on how we could achieve our career goals and anything else we might dream up. Not having heard Jay speak before I will be looking for the opportunity to hear him again. If you need a speaker, you should definitely contact Jay!”

Ellen Bryan, Director of Research and Prospect Management at Boston University | On Site Training at Boston University

“Jay gave a very well-organized and detailed half-day presentation to my research team at Boston University on reading and understanding SEC filings and forms. The feedback from the group was tremendous, and they all loved Jay's comfortable style and approachable manner. We are hoping to bring him back soon for another training session on International Research.”

Gary Lance , Principal Consultant at PRCS: Prospect Research Consulting Service | CARA Conference

“As President of the California Advancement Researchers Association (CARA), I want to commend Jay Frost on the excellent keynote speech that he gave at our annual convention in October. Using the conference theme, 'Stand Out,' Jay gave attendees many useful and thought-provoking ways of 'stepping up' in our profession: prospect research.

In addition to the keynote speech, Jay gave an updated conference session on 'International Research' and answered the questions, which countries best survived the economic crisis and who stands to have the greatest wealth going forward. Finally, Jay moderated a great panel session on fundraising and social media.

Jay is an intelligent leader at the forefront of our profession..."

Michael Seymour, Sr. Director of Development Operations at University of Southern California | CARA Conference

“Jay's talk was inspiring, humor-filled and thought-provoking. Jay has been a true leader in the development research profession and provides such wonderful insights and delightful testimonials. His session on International Research was also spectacular. Jay's background and cultural engagement practically makes him a mini "United Nations" and he is one of best resources in APRA in the area of international research. If you have not had the opportunity to listen to Jay Frost speak or if you have not heard him present on specific topics, I highly recommend that you do so. He is engaging, funny and you will come away with something that you can apply to your own shop or work environment.”

Steve Suda, Managing Director, OOD at Stanford University | CASE International Fundraising Conference

“Excellent speaker, incisive analyst--go see (or hire) him!”

Jule Meyer, Principal at Parkman Foundation Services | Northwest Development Officers Association Conference

“Jay gave the best talk I have ever heard on donor demographics--specifically how our increasingly diversified U.S. population will affect professional development efforts. Who and how should we be reaching out to as new donors? Jay has the goods!”

Event Appearances (23)

What a Wonderful World: Strategies & Tactics for International Fundraising & Prospect Research

APRA Greater New York Spring Conference  The Foundation Center in New York


Launching Positive Revolutions in Your Development Office

Ohio Prospect Research Network Spring Conference  Columbus, Ohio


Power Prospecting: Tips for Targeting Top Donors

Foundation Center in Washington, DC  Washington, DC


Tips for Targeting Top Donors

Association of Fundraising Professionals - Connecticut Chapter  Middletown, Connecticut


Demographics are Destiny: Learn Why & How to Diversify Your Donor Base Now

Direct Marketing Association 2011 Washington Nonprofit Conference  Washington, DC


Qualifying a Probably Donor

Institute for Charitable Giving  San Antonio, Texas


Stand Out!

Trends in Philanthropy - The APRA Florida Chapter 2010 Annual Conference  University of Central Florida


Social Networking and Development

Institute for Charitable Giving  San Antonio, Texas


The Rich Aren't Poor

Mid Atlantic Research Conference  Princeton University


Qualifying a Probably Donor

Institute for Charitable Giving  Chicago, Illinois


Know Thy Constituency: Research & Preparation

Advancing Our Schools conference, CASE  Hong Kong International School


Social Networks and Development

Institute for Charitable Giving  Chicago


Advancement Research: Going Beyond Google

CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference  Hong Kong


Research in the Era of Social Media

APRA Metro DC Meeting  The Nature Conservancy


Advancement Research Tools in Asia-Pacific

CASE Asia Pacific Advancement Conference  Hong Kong


Popping the Question: Moving from Engagement to Action with Social Media

Association of Advancement Services Professionals Summit 2011  Chicago


Finding the Top 1%

APRA Northwest Annual Summer Conference  Evergreen State College


To Know Them Is To Love Them: Social Media and Fundraising Research

Foundation Center in Atlanta  Atlanta, Georgia


Power Prospecting: Tips for Targeting Top Donors

Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Fall Conference  Columbus, Ohio


Stand Out!

Ohio Prospect Research Network Spring Conference  Columbus, Ohio


The New Face of Philanthropy: America’s Changing Demographics

Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Fall Conference  Columbus, Ohio


The Horse's Mouth: Social Media as a Window on the Prospects of the Future

Ohio Prospect Research Network  Columbus, Ohio


Stand Out: Pursuing your Dream for Career and Personal Advancement

Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Fall Conference  Columbus, Ohio


Sample Talks (5)

Power Prospecting: Finding Your Major Gift Opportunities of the Future

One of the greatest challenges for every nonprofit is attracting individuals with the capacity to give a major gift. In "Power Prospecting", Jay explores how to find the top wealth holders within your constituency, throughout your community, across the country and around the world. Whether you are embarking on a capital campaign or just trying to expand your private philanthropic support, this workshop will prepare you to identify people who can make your mission possible.

What A Wonderful World: Strategies & Tactics for International Fundraising & Prospect Research

Seventy-five percent of the world's millionaires are located outside the US! Are you talking to them? In this fast paced, entertaining and illuminating survey of global giving, Jay explores the major wealth centers and philanthropic trends in each region of the world providing participants the tools to identify major international fundraising opportunities for your institution and help your office better navigate the cultural, legal, and budgetary challenges of transnational giving.

Stand Out!

In an era of budget cuts, how can we stand out? Jay Frost leads an exploration to rediscover our biggest dreams, confront our darkest fears and push beyond the daily obstacles and temporary economic setbacks to shine at the office and beyond!

Popping the Question: Moving from Engagement to Action with Social Media

With roughly 70% of America's millionaires on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, why do so many organizations still treat social media as a direct marketing channel if they use it at all? Fundraising veteran Jay Frost will counter the "let's just be friends" approach to social media by exploring the real financial opportunities social networks present and showcasing the growing universe of nonprofits who are effectively mining this new, expansive and growing marketplace and raising real money!

Tales from the Crypt: Horror Stories of Fundraising

Jay Frost lifts the lid on some of the most hilarious and horrifying tales of fundraising gone awry in recent years, from private data blowing down the streets of town to disrobed major donors and bell-ringing student callers and murderous alumni. It's enough to make you laugh, cry or even gasp--and there's a moral to each tale as well. A perfect seasonal session for those unafraid to take a look at the seamier side of fundraising and walk away prepared to not repeat the same mistakes!



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