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Mr Ross leads WHO's key research for universal health coverage, health systems, innovation and ageing, including many partnerships

Ageing populations are growing around our youth-obsessed Commonwealth

Ageing populations are growing around our youth-obsessed Commonwealth 2018-03-15
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Population ageing is a growing global consideration. New research by CommonAge and the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing shows continuing, significant increases in older populations in the Commonwealth countries over the next 25 years, with the fastest growing being people 80 years and older.

Addressing ageing in the Commonwealth is not a blanket solution, as countries tackle varying socioeconomic situations and residents face a range of lived realities largely dictated by their socioeconomic context. Yet, many age-related concerns - rising rates of chronic diseases, access to healthcare, and the health consequences of loneliness - traverse borders.

The article states that acting on population ageing is crucial, as action can change the perception of ageing in society from a challenge to an opportunity. The concern is that there is not enough attention paid to population ageing across Commonwealth countries, and that the diversity of issues affecting older people are not being given appropriate attention in meetings of the Commonwealth, leading to a lack of forethought addressing the physical, mental, and social health challenges of ageing.

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) 14th Global Conference on Ageing will focus on a range of pertinent issues supporting healthy ageing across the life course through the four main themes of Age-friendly Environments, Combating Ageism, Toward Healthy Ageing and Addressing Inequalities. Learn more about healthy ageing from IFA experts:

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