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Dr. Jane Barratt Dr. Jane Barratt

Secretary General | International Federation on Ageing

Toronto, ON, CA

As Secretary General of the IFA Dr Barratt is an internationaly respected speaker on age related issues across the globe.

Creating new opportunities for gerontologists

Creating new opportunities for gerontologists 2018-04-17
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Dr. John Beard Dr. Debra Whitman Dr. Jane Barratt

With a rapidly ageing population, corporations are evolving while adapting their goods and services so that they can participate in this lucrative market. However, stereotypes and prejudices often work against older people, with products not always meeting the real needs of older consumers.

To combat ageism, more businesses are turning to gerontologists and other aging professionals. For example, Dr. John Beard (World Health Organization) brings expertise on issues affecting older people and the ageing process.

This article describes gerontology as “the study of the biological, behavioural and social changes associated with ageing.” Although often confused with geriatrics, gerontology can provide companies with the insights they need to be competitive in this growing market. Insurance, investment banking, and other business ventures that have hired individuals with a knowledge of ageing have experienced positive benefits and are creating products and services that better meet the needs of older people. Dr. Debra Whitman has extensive knowledge of ageing and economic policy and would be an ideal speaker on adapting goods and services to an ageing population.

Expanding the role of gerontology in ventures outside the realm of traditional ageing-related fields like long-term care and retirement, can help reduce ageist stereotypes experienced by older people. As ageism is extremely prevalent and often socially acceptable, developing interdisciplinary strategies is an important first step in combating ageism.

The IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing has identified combating ageism as a priority area due to it’s far-reaching impact and will feature a wide range of presentations on the topic, as well as a pre-conference Master Class. For more information or to participate in these discussions contact IFA Secretary General Dr. Jane Barratt, or go to www.ifa2018.com

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