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Director of Geriatrics | Mount Sinai Hospital

Toronto, ON, CA

Dr. Samir Sinha is a passionate and respected advocate for the needs of older adults

People with chronic diseases could benefit from the power of love(d ones)

People with chronic diseases could benefit from the power of love(d ones) 2018-02-15
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People living with non-communicable diseases, like diabetes or heart disease, are often by a family member or friend. Having loved ones' support increases that person's success in managing their health as they age.

Often, these supporters are older than 50 and can be parents, spouses, other relatives, friends, or children.

Communication is key. Asking whether a someone wants to include a loved one in appointments or other communications is a step. Training and educating on communication styles should also be provided to these supporters. For example, there may be more effective ways for supporters to learn for talking to their loved ones about conditions and treatments.

What can health care systems do to "support these supporters" and up the odds of positive outcomes? Learn more from our experts:


In chronic disease care, family helpers are key, but feel left out

People with diabetes, heart failure and other chronic diseases often live independent lives, without a traditional caregiver. But many have a family member or friend who plays a key supporting role in their health care.