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President | Human Business Works

Amesbury, MA, US

NY Times Best Selling Author, Social Media expert/blogger, & named one of the top 10 most influential social media experts by Forbes.



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Chris Brogan is president of Human Business Works, a media and education company. He consults and speaks professionally with Fortune 100 and 500 companies like PepsiCo, General Motors, Microsoft, and more, about the intersection of business, technology and media. He is a New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, and a featured monthly columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine. Chris’s blog, [], is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. He has over 12 years experience in online community, social media, and related technologies.

Human Business Works is dedicated to helping companies improve customer acquisition and community nurturing. When we say that, we mean that we intend to help companies do business with people in new and better ways online. We accomplish this by working on customer acquisition and community nurturing programs, delivered to our clients through either in-person education and speaking, via our online training programs, or with the help of our consulting services and content project teams.

Chris is also the cofounder of the PodCamp new media conference series, exploring the use of new media community tools to extend and build value.

He has 16 years of enterprise telecommunications and wireless experience prior to all this.

Chris speaks on topics such as social media in the enterprise, second circle technologies, which Internet technologies businesses should consider adopting, why video online matters to your business, and much more. He has worked with countless companies to help with marketing, business strategy, communications, and more.

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Advertising/Marketing Media - Online Public Relations and Communications Training and Development Corporate Training Writing and Editing Direct Marketing Social Media Media Production

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Social Media Cultivating Visibility Google+ for Business Measure What Matters Most Customer Acquisition Community Nurturing Business and Personal Branding Framing Your Social Media Efforts

Accomplishments (5)

Entrepreneur in Residence (professional)

CrossTech Ventures is a boutique venture investment firm. Unlike traditional venture investment firms, we invest human capital and expertise into a business. We partner with our entrepreneurs to position them in the best possible way for success by providing guidance, back-office support, IT and development support, and sales and marketing expertise.

Our leadership team has extensive experience in new industries, launching and growing successful businesses, and buying and selling businesses.

Co-Founder of Third Tribe Marketing (professional)

Third Tribe Marketing is an online forum for marketers interested in approaches and tactics around online marketing. If one tribe are the scammy/spammy Internet marketers, and another tribe are the kumbaya marketers who don't really ask for the sale, Third Tribe is somewhere in the middle. We look for ways to execute effective marketing (both for larger companies and for smaller organizations).

Co-Author – Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust (professional)

Today's online influencers are Web natives who trade in trust, reputation, and relationships, using social media to accrue the influence that builds up or brings down businesses online. In Trust Agents, you'll learn how to tap into the power of social networks to build your brand's influence, reputation, and, of course, profits. Combining high-level theory and practical actions, this guide delivers actionable steps and case studies that show how social media can positively impact your business.

Author – Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything (professional)

In this book, top social media consultant and Google+ early adopter Chris Brogan shows businesspeople how to leverage its immense potential. This friendly, conversational, business-savvy guide helps businesspeople identify where Google+ is most likely to offer them value, avoid missteps and wasted energy, and get results fast. Brogan guides you through using Google+ for promotion, customer service, community building, referrals, collaboration, and a whole lot more.

Author – Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online (professional)

In Social Media 101, social media expert Chris Brogan presents the best practices for growing the value of your social media and social networking marketing efforts. Brogan has spent two years researching what the best businesses are doing with social media and how they're doing it. Now, he presents his findings in a single, comprehensive business guide to social media. You'll learn how to cultivate profitable online relationships, develop your brand, and drive meaningful business.

Event Appearances (25)

Keynote Speaker

Automotive Service and Repair Week  Orlando, Florida


The Serendipity Engine

Web 2 Expo   New York


Keynote Speaker

BlogWorld & New Media Expo   Los Angeles


Keynote Speaker

B2B Marketing Europe 2010  Berlin, Germany


Keynote Speaker

Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference  Las Vegas


Keynote Speaker

Disney Social Media Moms Conference  Walt Disney World, Florida


Keynote Speaker

Maine Association of Broadcasters Conference  Maine


Building an Online Community

SOBCon Chicago 2012  Chicago, Illinois


Keynote Speaker – Cultivating Visibility: How to Amplify the Human Digital Channel

Inbound Marketing Summit New York City  New York City


Panel Moderator – 5 Years of Inbound Marketing: What We've Learned and What is Ahead

Inbound Marketing Summit New York City  New York City


Keynote Speaker: Harness The Power Of Social Media

Entrepreneur Growth Conference 2012  Long Beach, California


Keynote Speaker: Google+ for Business

Social Media Camp  Victoria, British Columbia


Keynote Speaker – Cultivating Visibility: How PR Professionals Can Amplify the Human Digital Channel for Their Clients

PRSA 2011 International Conference  Orlando, Florida


Google+ for Business

Inbound Marketing Summit  Boston, Massachusetts


Keynote Speaker: The Next Evolution of Personal Social Networks

Inbound Marketing Summit  San Francisco, California


Online Social Presence in the World of Pharma

Social Media in Pharma Summit 2011  Webinar


Keynote Speaker: Fitting Community Engagement Into Your Event Design

EventCamp Chicago  Chicago, Illinois


Dominating Your Niche With Blogger Outreach

Affiliate Summit West 2011  Las Vegas, Nevada


Keynote Speaker: Google+ for Business

InfusionCon 2012  Phoenix, Arizona


Keynote Speaker

JCCs of North America Biennial  New Orleans


Keynote Speaker

Silverpop Amplify Customer Conference  Atlanta, Georgia


Keynote Speaker: Social Media ROI

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit  Chicago, Illinois


Keynote Speaker

Social Media World Forum Europe  London, England


Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything

Social Media Success Summit 2012  Webinar


Keynote Speaker – Touch: The Vital Importance of Bringing Human Interactions Into Your Digital Business

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference  Portland, Maine


Sample Talks (4)


You’ve invested time and money into your website, which serves as the online representation of your shop. You’ve been told that you should have a Twitter account and that you should be on Facebook, but what does that all do for you?

Learn how to become the ultimate digital shopkeeper by understanding how to use social software to build relationships with your prospects and your customers. Learn how to earn leverage from your community, by cultivating two-way loyalty and earning referrals.


Telling you that the Internet has changed things won’t stun you. You’ve seen it. Netflix, Amazon, Zappos, Groupon. You know all the stories. But there are small business solutions you could use to make more work, to build more business, to get more sales. Tweeting out coupons isn’t the future. Building relationships and investing in delivering human-minded business is now. This won’t be theory. We’re here to talk action, execution, and your next steps to success.


Google+ is the new social network launched by the #1 search engine in the world, Google, and it changes everything! Why? Because Google (the search engine) indexes public posts on Google+ (the social network) rather quickly, and it seeks out social interactions and links shared within that social network to sites like yours. Google+ is built with collaboration in mind. There are several technologies available for free inside of this social network that you’re paying for elsewhere.


Who cares what you’ve spent on your marketing campaign, if your customers don’t feel the same when they experience the actual thing? How often do you contact and interact with existing customers, simply to ensure they’re continued satisfaction? How much of this is on the web? What good is your Twitter profile if you can’t please a guest standing in your store? Join Chris Brogan in an engaging and passionate dive into what comes next for improving your company for the coming years.



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