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Charles F. Goetz Charles F. Goetz

Senior Lecturer in Organization & Management and Distinguished Lecturer in Entrepreneurship | Emory University, Goizueta Business School

Atlanta, GA, US

Regulation, Sharing, Innovation

Regulation, Sharing, Innovation 2016-05-19
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As Airbnb and Uber take America by storm, are cities in the right or wrong to clamp down, regulate and get their cut of the sharing economy? Emory’s Charles S. Goetz of the Goizueta Business School can help explain if government is in the right and how law makers need to adapt to the economic innovation and modern ways of doing business.


City council to vote on new rules for short-term rentals like airbnb

City council is expected to consider wednesday a proposed ordinance that would enact new rules for travelers who want to rent space in chicago through airbnb or other home-rental companies.