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Associate Professor, Finance and General Business and Director of the Financial Planning Program | Missouri State University

Springfield, MO, US

Dr. Philpot specializes in personal finance and estate planning.

The Dow Jones is booming! But who is really cashing in?

The Dow Jones is booming! But who is really cashing in? 2018-01-25
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James Philpot

On Wall Street, it has already been a great start to the year for the Dow Jones. Just yesterday, the Dow Jones industrial average had a closing record of over 26,000.

It seems like reason to celebrate, but who’s really winning at the end of the day? Is this a matter of brokers, firms and big banks reaping the benefits? Or are those more familiar with Main Street able to cash in and win as easily as those on Wall Street?

Also, what does the upward trend mean for everyday investors? And is this trend one that should have people getting on board or exercising some serious caution? Reading the economic and financial tea leaves is never easy, but that’s where Missouri State University (MSU) experts can help.

Dr. James Philpot is a CFP and an associate professor of finance and general business at MSU. He's an expert in this area and is available to speak to media. Click on his icon to connect with him.


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