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Dr. Lewison is an amusement park junkie who has ridden more than 1,000 roller coasters in 26 countries.

Will Steel Vengeance Cement Cedar Point as the World’s Capital for Coasters?

Will Steel Vengeance Cement Cedar Point as the World’s Capital for Coasters? 2017-08-17
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Martin  Lewison

Wednesday was a big day for many in America. National Rollercoaster Day is the celebration of almost 140 years (1878) since the first patent was filed for what would be the first wooden roller coaster in the world. Since then kids and adults have lined up to be thrilled, scared and taken on a ride at record-breaking speeds at theme parks around the world.

Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio is the self-proclaimed roller coaster capital of the world. And on Wednesday, they may have reaffirmed that title. It announced a new hybrid coaster – Steel Vengeance, the world’s first steel on wood coaster. It will stand at 200 feet tall and reach speeds up to 74 miles per hour.

Theme parks are a staple of any American summer. But as competition escalates and costs climb – what’s the state of the industry?
Fun parks are fun – but turning a profit is becoming increasingly more difficult. Are companies like Cedar Point, Disney and Six Flags in a perpetual state of going bigger, better and newer each year just to keep up?

Steel Vengeance is scheduled to take its first official ride next spring. What will its debut mean and what will the other parks do to keep up?
That’s where the experts at Farmingdale State College can help.

Dr. Martin Lewison is a professor in the Department of Business Management at Farmingdale. He’s also an expert and self-proclaimed junkie when it comes to rollercoasters and theme parks. He has ridden the rails of over 1,000 coasters in 26 countries. He is also a go-to source for national media on the subject. Dr. Lewison is available to speak about this topic – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


Cedar point announces steel vengeance, tallest hybrid coaster, will replace mean streak

Sandusky, ohio -- it's not only national roller coaster day! it's the day coaster fans have been waiting for. cedar point revealed what's happening to the mean streak. the coaster will now be called steel vengeance. it's the tallest, fastest and longest hybrid coaster in the world, and will reach speeds of up to 74 mph.