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Washington, DC, US

Don M. Blandin was appointed President and CEO of the Investor Protection Trust in June 2004

7 out of 10 Americans plan to work in retirement

7 out of 10 Americans plan to work in retirement 2016-09-13
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A new study by Bankrate has found that a stunning 75 per cent of Americans say they plan to work "as long as possible" in retirement - and not because they love their jobs. Only 40 per cent say they plan to continue working because they want to, while 35 per cent say they plan to work out of financial necessity.

"Working during retirement brings a lot of benefits," says Jill Cornfield, a retirement analyst for Bankrate. "I’m not surprised that nearly three quarters of people said they’d like to work as long as they can while in retirement. It’s not just the money. When you can work as a consultant or find some part-time gig, it really helps you stay sharp."

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7 of 10 americans plan to work in retirement

Many may find they cannot because of health issues, layoffs or because they have to care for spouses or parents

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