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Nathan is a former banker turned Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) -- and an experienced media commentator on debt issues.

Canadians Doubling Back-to-School Spending

Canadians Doubling Back-to-School Spending 2017-08-28
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At the same time Canadian household debt levels are at record amounts, a new Angus Reid Poll says Canadians this year are expected to spend almost double what they spent on school supplies last year. The big reason is technology reshaping what people are buying, and also how and when they are making their purchases. Households will reportedly spend an average of $883 preparing for this year's school season, nearly twice the $450 spent last year. Nathan Sugeng and Natalie Faubert are Licensed Insolvency Trustees with Fontaine & Associates and people who help families deal with debt issues. They have advice on how to get back-to-school spending under control and are available for media interviews.

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Canadians poised to nearly double back-to-school spending compared to 2016

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