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Toronto, ON, CANADA

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Star Talks: Whither the CBC | Part 2 | April 30, 2012 | Appel Salon Stursberg on the CBC




Richard Stursberg serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Bird Satellite Communications Inc. Mr. Stursberg has 25 years in the Canadian entertainment, broadcasting, cable, telecommunications and cultural industries. Mr. Stursberg served as Executive Vice President of English Television at Canadian Broadcasting Corp. from October 2004 to August 2010. He served as Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. He serves as Member of the Board of Directors of Canadian Film Centre.

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CBC's strategy is "completely incoherent" former head Richard Stursberg tells Senate committee

National Post  online


A former top executive with Canada’s public broadcaster says the organization’s strategy is “completely incoherent,” a result of a lack of focus in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s mandate. The lack of focus means it’s impossible to hold the CBC to account, said Richard Stursberg, former head of CBC English broadcasting. “It tries to do a little of this, a little of that to try and satisfy all these different constituencies … its strategy is ultimately, completely incoherent,” Stursberg told a Senate committee Tuesday. “You can’t hold the CBC to account when there’s no consensus on what it’s trying to do.”...

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Chatting with Stursberg, My Ex-Boss and Arch-Nemesis

The Tyee  online


Richard Stursberg's new book includes one particularly perceptive passage: "They would look at me as though confronted by the Great Satan himself. The stench of sulphur and charred flesh seemed to follow me everywhere. Employees looked aside when I came into view."...

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Richard Stursberg: Inside the CBC

Rabble.ca  online


When Richard Stursberg took over as head of English services at the CBC in July 2004, he was determined to set a new course for the Mother Corp’s television operations. As far as he was concerned, CBC TV was plagued by elitism, mediocrity and, worst of all, indifference to its audience. Stursberg launched a new strategy to attract viewers by providing programming that was above all else entertaining. “There would be only one measure for success: audiences,” he writes in his new memoir, The Tower of Babble: Sins, Secrets and Successes Inside the CBC...

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Former CBC executive Richard Stursberg defends his quest for more viewers

The Toronto Star  online


For a man who describes himself as “difficult, arrogant and often insubordinate,” Richard Stursberg is obliging, even playful, when posing for pictures to discuss his provocative new book on the CBC, The Tower of Babel. Asked by the Star to pose outdoors, the former executive vice-president of CBC English services initially seems to feign reluctance. He sheepishly complains the wind will mess with his thin grey hair and makes a half-hearted attempt for veto rights to pictures he deems unflattering...

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Richard Stursberg book attacks CBC heavyweights

The Toronto Star  online


To cut to the chase, the liveliest parts of The Tower of Babble, Richard Stursberg’s anxiously awaited new book about his six turbulent years as head of CBC’s English services, are the passages where he goes after his perceived enemies with a hatchet...

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