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Dr. William Hatcher focuses on public administration and social, economic and political institutions in local communities.

Why local governments should expect more cyberattacks like the one that just hit Atlanta

Why local governments should expect more cyberattacks like the one that just hit Atlanta 2018-03-26
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William Hatcher

The ransomware attack that has held Atlanta’s computer systems hostage over the weekend is only one example of local governments becoming targets of cybercrime.

“This problem is likely going to get worse because local governments often do not have the resources for cybersecurity,” said Dr. William Hatcher, director of Augusta University's Master in Public Administration. “Public administration experts like myself are seriously concerned with cyberattacks like the one that just hit Atlanta occurring more often.”

In recent years, many local governments have reduced staff to a point where they are only providing the day-to-day services to their citizens, Hatcher said. Little is left for long-term planning like investing in cybersecurity technology and creating a cybersecurity crisis management plan.

Hatcher is available to discuss:
- Why are local governments not prepared to prevent and deal with cyberattacks like the ransomware that just hit Atlanta?
- Why should local governments expect these cyberattacks to happen more often?
- Why can local governments do to protect themselves and their citizens from cyberattacks?

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