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ExpertFile and McCombs School of Business present joint case study at Business Access Media Conference in NYC

McCombs School of Business

New York City, October 29, 2015

The McCombs School of Business, Samantha Harris will be joined by ExpertFile’s Deanne Taenzer for a joint presentation in New York City. The presentation will outline the launch of the new McCombs online newsroom that utilizes the ExpertFile software platform. The session takes place at the Business Media Access Conference on Oct. 28th.

Earlier this year the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin initiated a project to better showcase its world-class faculty within areas of the school’s website such as its faculty directory and newsroom. “As one of the top five research producing business schools in the world, we wanted a better way to organize and present the content our faculty are producing and make it easier for the media and other important audiences to engage with us on a real-time basis,” says David Wenger, director of communications at the McCombs School of Business.

McCombs has now launched a unique expert content experience that utilizes the ExpertFile software platform to integrate comprehensive multimedia faculty profiles. To better serve the needs of journalists for quick access to expert sources, the marketing team at McCombs also uses ExpertFile to publish recommended experts complete with approved quotes to its Newsroom site as breaking news develops.

“It’s really impressive to see how the McCombs marketing team has embraced expert marketing. As a top-ranked business school they are super focused on showing how credible and relevant their faculty on key business issues,” says Peter Evans, CEO, ExpertFile.

To tell the story of the development of the Expert Center, McCombs School of Business, Public Affairs Specialist, Samantha Harris and ExpertFile’s Deanne Taenzer, Director of Partnerships will join together to walk Business Access Media Conference attendees through the work that led to this innovative project.

Both Samantha and Deanne will co-present some of the larger insights and implications of a changing media landscape and audience behavior. They will also share some of the challenges, activities and successes they have experienced to better illustrate the importance of expert content in driving market visibility and reputation for higher education organizations.

For more information on the Business Access Media Conference in New York City, visit the event's website or follow the event on Twitter at #BAMNY15

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