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Need a new laptop? Did you know spring is the better time to buy?

Need a new laptop? Did you know spring is the better time to buy? 2018-03-20
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Tim  Brunt

Is there ever a better time to buy something new? There’s the old urban legend that essentially says the best time to buy a barbecue or a boat is the fall. Need a new snow blower – wait out until the snow’s gone and the flowers have bloomed.

But can the same be said about electronics? With more than 40 million laptops being purchased every year in North America – experts say spring is the ideal season to close the deal on a new unit.

Now it’s not just about price – but performance. By spring – the processors that power laptops are the most up to date. As computers are manufactured throughout the year, it is by springtime that the most refined and current processors are in place and that's when the best are brought to market.

There’s a lot to more to the topic – and that’s where an expert from the International Data Corporation (IDC) can help. Tim Brunt is the Program Manager for IDC's Canadian Quarterly PC Tracker program. He is an expert in analyzing current market trends, business planning, business and consumer buyer behavior. Tim is available to speak with media, simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

Digital Trends

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Digital Trends