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Built for corporations

Companies from knowledge-based industries such as technology and professional service rely on ExpertFile to profile their top executives and subject matter experts. Showcase your experts for media, event and sales opportunities with your own customized Expert Center.

"ExpertFile is the best solution I’ve seen for a company to showcase its talented employees to not only speak at more events, but also earn media attention and generate sales leads.”

Key benefits of ExpertFile

Helping Organizations Become Their Own Media

As the media industry undergoes a massive transition there are fewer journalists to cover stories that companies want to tell about their world-class executives or the breakthrough innovations happening at their organization. This means that corporations must step in to fill the void to tell their own stories and become the media (not just pay for it).

Companies need to be much more responsive in the age of email and Twitter to news events. Instead of simply putting out press releases, ExpertFile helps PR professionals connect their executives to real-time news, increasing the interest of journalists looking for expert opinions to cite in their articles or news segments, and gaining additional visibility and exposure for the expert and their institution.

Making Your Company Discoverable

A common challenge faced by many companies is how to gain visibility for their experts and top executives. Creating a standalone expert center is often not enough to drive expert discovery in Google search results. ExpertFile uses powerful, indexable software to help improve search rankings for expert profiles and make sure their content is discoverable by those looking for it.

In addition, ExpertFile’s easy to use platform makes it easy for marketing departments to manage incoming speaking inquiries and media requests for their executives which helps ensure maximum exposure for their organization’s thought leaders.

Better Manage Your Experts' Content

A company’s top experts produce countless research papers, videos and slide presentations which are published online for investors and fellow employees access. Unfortunately often times this content is strewn across the web in a range of blogs and websites that very rarely connects back to the expert’s organization. ExpertFile helps organization’s pull together their expert content in ways that drive visibility and engagement for both the executive and the organization.

Measuring Your Executives' Online Presence

Another challenge for marketing departments is finding ways to measure the effectiveness and visibility of their executive’s profiles. ExpertFile helps solve this problem through its comprehensive dashboard, which provides marketing departments with rich analytics around the effectiveness of their expert content and how to improve profiles for better visibility and impact.

Doing More With Less

Even the most well funded marketing or IT departments are challenged to keep up with the speed at which online marketing is continuing to evolve. It no longer makes sense for companies to build their own custom software in house when a better, faster and more affordable solution is available. ExpertFile offers organizations a turn-key cloud-based solution, that is fully customizable to match an organization’s look and feel and makes profiles easily embeddable within an organization’s existing website.

Featured Experts

Neil Sheehy

Neil Sheehy

Partner, Goodmans LLP


David Senf

David Senf

Program Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions & Cloud

International Data Corporation (IDC)

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