Pints and popcorn – a good business move for theatres in Sudbury?

Pints and popcorn – a good business move for theatres in Sudbury?

January 18, 20171 min read

As of Friday, both movie theatres in Sudbury will be legally allowed to sell alcohol to patrons enjoying a night out at the movies.

To some, this is merely a modernization of the concession stand that now offers meals and options a far throw from the traditional servings of popcorn and candy.

Others are showing concern. There's the public health risk of alcohol being made available to minors and the normalization of drinking in public and during traditional family events. As well, purists are concerned that the peace and serenity of the theatres could be shattered by those over-served.

That's a debate that will likely never be won.

However, does it make good business sense? Will this new option put more people in seats? As theatres battle 'at home' options and see attendance declining, was this a smart move?

Will pints and pinot noir make money or fall flat?

Brian Vendramin is an expert in the areas of retail business and marketing. His insight and perspective have made him a regular with local media. Brian is available to speak about this topic and share his opinion. Simply click on Brian's icon to arrange an interview.


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