Google is Getting Real in the War on Fake News - Will it Work?

Google is Getting Real in the War on Fake News - Will it Work?

September 20, 20171 min read

Fake news is now a term in the modern lexicon of news, the internet and political rhetoric. It’s a broad umbrella of conspiracies, half-truths and outright lies. Though most fake news may seem ridiculous – when used properly and targeted at the right audience it can alter opinion, destroy a person’s reputation and even sway an election.

In Canada, Google is pushing back. The company is providing $500,000 in an effort to teach kids how to spot fake news and become more media literate. The program is called NewsWise and will be operated by the Canadian Journalism Foundation. It’s hoped the program will reach 1.5 million kids across Canada as the country approaches provincial elections in Ontario next June and a federal election in 2019.

But will it work? Is fake news not obvious or is it a growing problem that needs more attention? Should it be considered criminal? And just how is fake news created, distributed and absorbed.

There are a lot of real issues surrounding the concept of fake news and just how much of an issue it may be. That’s where the experts from Cambrian College can help.

Nancy Griffin is a professor and the Program Coordinator for Cambrian College's Public Relations program. She has spoken many times with media regarding branding, marketing and can explain the concept of fake news and how it functions. Nancy is available to speak to media at any time - simply click on her icon to arrange an interview.


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