Get up, get out and enjoy winter!

Get up, get out and enjoy winter!

January 19, 20181 min read

For many – winter mean staying indoors, keeping warm and unfortunately becoming inactive.

And we get it, it’s cold out there. However, the benefits of being active all year round far outweigh to toll inactivity takes on children and adults both physically and mentally.

In a city like Sudbury – there are handfuls of options for everyone from skating to skiing, sledding to snowshoeing, just about anything.

But before you go out, there’s a few things to know:

· What to wear?

· How to spot the signs of exposure, frostbite and hypothermia.

· Falls prevention?

Martin Dubuc is a professor and the coordinator of the Physical Fitness Management program at Cambrian College. He is fluently bilingual and can do interviews in both English and French. Martin is available to speak with media regarding the importance of winter activity – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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