Japan’s increasing retirement income gap

Japan’s increasing retirement income gap Japan’s increasing retirement income gap

June 13, 20191 min read

The highest life expectancy for women in the world falls upon Japan, at 87.1 years.

Although the country is a leader in technology and innovation to support older people, there are increasing concerns regarding retirement and pension plans. A recent article explains that as life expectancy increases for older people in Japan, the gap between when a person retires and their death increases, meaning increased years are spent in retirement, at almost 20 years for women. Average savings accumulated over the life course in Japan unfortunately are only enough to cover 4.5 years of retirement.

Contact IFA expert Mr. Don M. Blandin for what implications this retirement income gap can have on Japan’s ageing population, and for further information on the topic. In addition, consider attending the IFA 15th Global Conference on Ageing where a key theme “Addressing Inequalities” is featured, with focus on the importance of financial security to the world’s ageing population.

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