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Byron G. Sabol is an international speaker, business geneeration consultant, and author. He has provided marketing services to clients in 11 countries. He has presented to audiences in three continents. As one of the first senior level law firm client development executives in North America (Paul, Hastings, Janofsky, & Walker, LLP 1986-1994), Byron and his staff pioneered business generation, personal communications, and client service methodologies currently utilized by professional service firms in the US, the UK, and Central Europe. As executive vice president of the largest promotional fund for the Mechanical Construction Trades Industry in North America, Byron was awarded the Diogenes Award presented by the University of Southern California School of Business and the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Southern California for Excellence In Consumer Education.

Byron has a bachelor's degree in marketing and an MBA in management with Honors. He has been a part-time faculty member at five universities in California and Florida. Many of his articles on marketing, client service, communications, and international business development, published in journals in the US and Abroad, are available to download at his website:

Mr. Sabol is author of “Taming The Beast: Success With Difficult People” [ByeCap Press).

Industry Expertise (3)

  • Management Consulting
  • Training and Development
  • International Trade and Development

Topics (2)

Business Career & Personal Succees

Accomplishments (2)

Diogonese Award Recipient (professional)

Byron G. Sabol is recipient of the Diogonese Award presented by the University of Southern California School of Business and the Sales and Marketing Executives Associaiton of Southern California for "Excellence In Consumer Education."

Author (professional)


Byron G. Sabol is author of the popular book, "Taming The Beast: Success With Difficult People".

Education (2)

Long Beach State University: MBA, Business Management 1975

Post graudates studines in Communications at the University of Southern California.

USC - Post Graduate Education + Long Beach State Univeristy + Western Illinois University: MBA in Management + Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing, Business, Communications, Marketing, Speech 1972

Testimonials (3)

Ms. Jill Kelly, Business Development Manager (E-mail: | Berkheimer OneSource

“Byron : It was a great pleasure to hear you speak at the 2011 IASA Mid Atlantic Conference. Your presentation was very inspirational and motivational."

Ms. Mary Morris (E-mail:, Conference Committee Chair | FSMA Education Chair

"Byron: I, as many other Certified Medical Assistants in attendance at the Florida Society of Medical Assistants Annual Conference were inspired and motivated after hearing you speak. You were a motivational highlight at our conference!" ........Mary Morris

Dan Stuart Davis , Architect | National Association of Home Builders Nationmal Convention 2011

“Byron: I found your presentation valuable, stimulating, and rejuvenating.”...........Dan Davis – Architect (AIA) – Port St. Lucie, FL (National Assoc. of Home Builders National Convention

Speaking Style


  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


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