Philip Turner - . New York, NY, US
Philip Turner - . New York, NY, US

Philip Turner

Publishing Consultant, Curator & Writer | The Great Gray Bridge

New York, NY, US

Walking The Great Gray Bridge brings you to a destination where the gaps between writing, editing, and publishing are successfully spanned!



Philip Turner is a publisher, publishing consultant, writer, editor, curator, blogger, and independent editor & author representative. Since 2009, he has operated Philip Turner Book Productions, an editorial services business which represents select projects to publishers, and consults with authors on developing their work.

IN 1986--after seven years formative experience operating Undercover Books, a three-store independent bookstore chain in Cleveland, Ohio--Philip began working as an editor for major publishing houses. Over the past 2 1/2 decades he has held a number of senior positions with publishers in New York City, acquiring and publishing many notable titles. As Senior Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Kodansha America and Kodansha Globe from 1992-1997, he published the first paperback edition of Barack Obama’s DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A Story of Race and Inheritance (1996).

As Executive Editor of Times Books, then a division of Random House, Philip was the imprint’s liaison to the New York Times and published books with the editors of the NY Times Book Review, and such Times departments as Real Estate, Dining, Movies, City, and Health. While Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief with Carroll & Graf from 2000-2006, Philip edited and published several New York Times and Washington Post bestsellers.

As an editor and publisher, Philip is known for publishing books by and about singular witnesses–whistleblowers, truthellers, muckrakers, revisionist historians–people who’ve passed through some crucible of experience that’s left them with elevated author-ity, and are by definition the only person who could write the book in question, or about whom it could be written.

Whether told in the first person by an author who has passed through some crucible of experience that leaves him or her uniquely qualified to tell the tale or in the third person by a reporter or scholar who has pursued a story or historical episode with single-minded passion, Philip has devoted to publishing imperative nonfiction, books that really matter in people’s lives.

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Publishing Writing and Editing Media - Online Media - Print Print Media Music

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Storytelling Content Development Web Content & Editing Freelance Writing & Blogging Publishing

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Publisher – Philip Turner Book Productions

professional 2009-01-01

Philip Turner Book Productions offers a diverse menu of editorial services to authors, agents, publishers, and businesses that want a new polish to their writing.

Editorial Fellow, Jerusalem Book Fair


Invited to be visiting editor at this major international book fair. After attending the Fair, I traveled to Prague where I met with Czech publishers who were newly liberated after the end of the Cold War.

Education (1)

Franconia College

B.A., History of Religion & Philosophy of Education 1977

Franconia College was an experimental institution of higher learning where students, faculty, and administration worked together to steer and govern the college.

Affiliations (3)

PEN American Center CBC Radio 3 Book Table

Talks (2)

Challenges Facing Agents & Editors in Publishing Today

As an in-house editor at more than a half-dozen publishing companies over twenty-five years, one of my biggest challenges was always to try and keep somewhat current with the enormous volume of printed submissions that was continually flooding in across my desk. And once the Internet fully entered the workflow, the volume—owing to the greater ease with which agents and authors could submit material—took an exponential leap. This workshop highlights how to overcome publishing industry challenges.

Navigating the Publishing Landscape; Building a Blog Identity for Authors

How authors can find readers amid the new publishing landscape defined by print-on-demand, ebooks, and social media How authors can establish a memorable identity for themselves via blogging and their social networks.

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Moderator Panelist Workshop Leader

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Philip Turner - . New York, NY, US