William Martin Sloane - . Carlisle, PA, US
William Martin Sloane - . Carlisle, PA, US

William Martin Sloane

Attorney / Broadcaster / Clergyman / Educator

Carlisle, PA, US

Sloane's provocative polymathic perspectives on


A Maryland/Pennsylvania attorney (Of Counsel to The Shagin Law Group LLC), an Anglican/Old Catholic bishop, a pastoral counselor and a lieutenant colonel in the Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force Auxiliary), Dr. Sloane has been ennobled by The Crown Council of Ethiopia as the Count of Shoa and Viscount of Hararghe. He has taught part-time at Atlantic University, Elizabethtown College, Millersville University, Mount Saint Mary's University, Saint Francis University, Shippensburg University, Temple University, Widener University School of Law, and Wilson College.
Dr. Sloane served for 35 years on the staff of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, including a term as Democratic Chief Counsel to the House of Representatives and as the Caucus's first Compliance & Ethics Director. He now serves on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Also a freelance broadcaster, he is a member of Mensa and the Screen Actors Guild--American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He expresses his own views and not those of any organization.

Industry Expertise (10)

Alternative Medicine Corporate Training Education/Learning Government Relations International Affairs Legal Services Management Consulting Media - Broadcast Political Organization Religious Institutions

Topics (10)

Consciousness Counseling Exopolitics Forensic Science Integrative Healthcare Law Libertarianism Mass Media Politics Spirituality

Education (10)

York College of Pennsylvania

B.A., History & Social Science 1972

Atlantic University

M.A., Transpersonal Studies (Consciousness track) 2013

Liberty University

M.A.R., magna cum laude, Religion 1993

Air University

Diploma, Squadron Officer School, Professional Military Education 1998

Universidad Centroamericana de las Ciencias

M.B.A., summa cum laude, Business Administration 2012

(Formerly Universidad San Juan de la Cruz)

Widener University

J.D., Law 1975

London Metropolitan University

Certificate, with Distinction, English Law 1973

Temple University

LL.M. (Labor), Labor Law 1979

American Christian College and Seminary

Ph.D., magna cum laude, Religion 1995

Oxford Graduate School

Scholar, Oxford Society of Scholars, Sociological Integration of Religion & Society 1999

Affiliations (10)

Diplomate of Mind-Body Medicine and Fellow, American Association of Integrative Medicine Certified in Homeland Security-III, American Board for Certification in Homeland Security Certified Master Chaplain, American Board for Certified Master Chaplains Diplomate, Advisory Board Member and Past Chair, American Board of Forensic Counselors Board Certified Professional Counselor, American Board of Professional Counselors Board Certified in Clinical Supervision, Diplomate, Fellow & Chair, American College of Counselors Fellow and Master Therapist, American Psychotherapy Association Registered Medical Practitioner (Naturopathy & Yoga), Indian Board of Alternative Medicines International Scientific College Member, International Academy of Sciences San Marino Applied Psychoanalysis Professional, Society of Modern Psychoanalysts

Talks (5)

Disease: Something that flies through the air and lands on the unlucky?

Does wellness begin when the ambulance drops you off at the Emergency Room? The WHO defines "health" as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." The path is an integrative, vitalistic, individualized "best of East + West" approach.

Epistemology 101

Where do you go these days to find the truth? To the government (e.g., NASA = Never A Straight Answer)? To the corporate-controlled lame-stream media (a/k/a stenographers for the régime)? Learn how to cut through the self-serving PR spin, escape from the Matrix and find out what's really going on (are you sure you want to do this?).

First Amendment "Macro-Issues" [suitable for CLE approval]

(1) Jerome Barron's "Access Theory": Freedom vs. Competition; Speaking vs. Hearing; Immanuel Kant vs. John Stuart Mill.
(2) "Strings Attached" and "Waiver of Rights" vs. "Constitutional Right to a Subsidy."

Is this Brave New World -- or 1984? (Are you waiting for CNN to tell you?)

"[P]olitical speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible. ... Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness. ... Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." --George Orwell

Now that we've survived the Mayan thing . . . wait, where's Ed?

How to navigate the bird flu, chem trails, climate change, consciousness awakening, economic Armageddon, martial law, political pabulum, predator drones, and solar flares—all under the watchful eyes of the reptilian élite who believe that world overpopulation is the greatest threat to their maintaining control, and that you're in their way.

Past Talks (6)

Legal Preparedness for Public-Health Emergencies

Dauphin County Bar Association CLE,  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Lawfully Managing Student Records Without Violating Privacy Rights

The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (NBI CLE),  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Compactness" in Legislative Reapportionment

PBA Constitutional Review Commission,  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Political Correctness, 9/11, and the Politics of Religion [Moderator]

8th Constitutional Law Conclave (PBI CLE),  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Unraveling the Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Pennsylvania Special Education Law (NBI CLE),  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

District Lines, the Promise of Representative Democracy, and the Culturally Diverse Community

Diversity and Demography in Central Pennsylvania (Widener University CLE),  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Speaking Style


Keynote Moderator Panelist Workshop Leader Host/MC Author Appearance Corporate Training

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William Martin Sloane - . Carlisle, PA, US