How will the Russian-Ukraine War end? 

How will the Russian-Ukraine War end? 

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Craig Albert, PhD

Professor of Political Science and Graduate Director of the Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies,  Augusta University

“There are two ways out of this, however,” said Albert. “The first is that the West, mainly the U.S., does not continue to arm Ukraine. If this becomes the new normal, then Ukraine will not be able to keep up against Russia and will eventually fall through a war of attrition being waged by Russia.”

“The second, less likely but far more threatening scenario, is that Russia expands the war to other states in the area or inadvertently hits a NATO-member state with either kinetic or massive cyberattacks. It may draw NATO into the war directly. In this case, Ukraine takes the advantage, but the war expands to something not seen since World War II.”

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