Can you earn a return from managing cyber risk?

Can you earn a return from managing cyber risk?

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Paddy McGuinness

Senior Advisor, London,  Brunswick Group

Cyber resilience is not just a matter of risk management. Robust preparation across your business should be value enhancing.

An informed executive team will demand higher standards from everyone in the business. If it is a theme heard from the top, information security will be echoed across the business making it a message your customers and partners hear too. Employees want to be part of a solution and understand the role they play.

Good management appeals to investors. Our survey shows a very positive response to senior executives detailing how they’ve dealt with ongoing cyber threats and strengthened defenses and preparation.

Cyber attacks can disrupt business and carry long-term consequences. Hackers work full time to get into your system. Advance planning and company-wide cyber awareness can make their job considerably harder.

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