Anatoly Zhuplev, Ph.D.

Professor of Management, College of Business Administration

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Anatoly Zhuplev is a professor of management at Loyola Marymount University and past chair of the Department of Management. He is a Fulbright Scholar. Prior to joining the College of Business Administration faculty in 1990, Zhuplev taught at Northeastern University, the University of Maryland and Moscow Management Institute. He also worked for several non-profit organizations in Russia. He is the recipient of numerous academic awards during his 15-year tenure in Russian education; he has also received the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Loyola Marymount University MBA Program. Zhuplev is a member of the International Management Development Association, on the Editorial Board of the Journal of East-West Business and a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Transnational Management.


Moscow Management Institute




Moscow Engineer-Economics Institute




Areas of Expertise

International Business
International Entrepreneurship
International Development

Industry Expertise

Training and Development
Business Services


  • Academy of International Business
  • International Academy of Corporate Management
  • International Management Development Association
  • U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship


  • Russian


"Impacts of Peer-To-Peer Lodging Platform on the Traditional Lodging Industry: California vs. Southern Europe" (chapter 8), Disruptive Technologies for Business Development and Strategic Advantage

IGI Global

Zhuplev, A. V. Doby, DaVion Dell, Jonathan, and Tillipman Joshua


The chapter presents a comparative analysis of trends in the peer-to-peer lodging and their impacts on the lodging industry of the metropolitan regions of the Greater Los Angeles, California, USA, and Southern Europe (Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; and Vienna, Austria). The main research question is whether the emerging peer-to-peer lodging platforms, part of the exploding sharing economy, are competitive or complementary to the traditional lodging industry. Data was obtained from secondary research and collected in 24 field interviews. The study found variations in the complementarity/competitiveness equilibrium, depending on the market segment in hospitality industry and regulatory environment. The chapter draws recommendations for hotel competitiveness.

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"Cross-Cultural Customs and Communication Styles" (chapter 8), Global Entrepreneurship, 3rd ed.

Hunt Publishing Company

Zhuplev, Anatoly


This chapter focuses on what you need to know about cross-cultural customs and communication styles in relation to global entrepreneurship.

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"Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets + Global Entrepreneurship" (chapter), Global Entrepreneurship, 3rd ed.

Hunt Publishing Company

Dai, Li and Zhuplev, Anatoly


This chapter focuses on what you need to know about entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

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