Elizabeth A. Drummond

Associate Professor of History

  • Los Angeles CA UNITED STATES

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts




Elizabeth Drummond (she/her) is Associate Professor of History, Director of the Single-Subject Teacher Preparation Program in Social Science (History), and affiliated faculty in the Jewish Studies and Women's & Gender Studies. She earned her Ph.D. at Georgetown University, where she studied with Roger Chickering. Professor Drummond is a social and cultural historian of modern Central Europe, with a focus on national identity, nationalist mobilization, and the experience of national conflict in the German-Polish borderlands. She has published a number of articles on the German-Polish national conflict in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including on the role of women in nationalist mobilization and the gendering of nationalism, on the position of Jews in the German-Polish national conflict, on the imagery and symbols employed by German and Polish nationalists in the construction of nationalist identities, on migration in and out of Poznania, and on the problem of Poznań/Posen as a transnational city. Her current research projects include a book project entitled "Flashpoint Poznania: How Nationalists Mobilized a German-Polish Borderland before the First World War" and a new project on the artist Max Thalmann. Professor Drummond teaches broadly in modern European and world history, including First-Year Seminars on the First World War and on the Holocaust; lower-division courses in world history, environmental history, and modern European history; and upper-division courses in modern Germany, European imperialism, gender history, popular culture, and public history. Professor Drummond has served as chair (2017-2021) and associate chair (2016-2017) of the Department of History, as president of the LMU Faculty Senate (2015-2017, with an additional year on the Faculty Senate Executive, 2017-2018), and as chair of the BCLA College Council (2018-2020). She is a member of the team that founded and maintains the interdisciplinary digital project the German Studies Collaboratory, as well as co-founder and co-coordinator of the German Studies Association's Teaching Network. She also serves on the board of the Central European History Society.
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Georgetown University



Georgetown University


German and European Studies

Georgetown University


Foreign Service


Areas of Expertise

Modern European History
German History
Polish History
Gender History
Public History
Museum Studies
Digital Humanities
European Studies
Women's Studies
Jewish Studies


2022 President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award

Loyola Marymount University

2022 Teacher Eddy Award

LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce

2018 Popiden Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, Loyola Marymount University

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  • American Historical Association
  • National Council on Public History
  • German Studies Association
  • Central European History Society
  • Polish Studies Association
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