How it Works:
Our approach to Expertise Marketing.

ExpertFile’s best practices approach to expertise marketing is built and refined through working with some of the world’s leading organizations and experts to improve reputation and increase revenue.

Maximize audience engagement.

Expertise marketing is all about creating better digital conversations that build your reputation and drive revenue. By highlighting the right content in the right places, ExpertFile can help you navigate challenges in the customer journey and better engage your audiences. Our approach to expertise marketing is proven to drive attention, interaction and trust with your key audiences – opening up a world of possibilities for your organization.


Ensure your content can be found by both people and search engines.


Deliver content about the trending topics audiences are looking for.


Be authentic, transparent, detailed and personal across all of your content.

Harness all of your expertise.

It’s time to stop thinking about your expertise as a small handful of people and start exploring opportunities for the hidden talent across your organization. Our proven approach to expertise marketing combines industry-leading methodologies and a collaborative SaaS platform to encourage new business for your organization. We’ll help you identify and showcase experts in your organization who can successfully support a broad range of engagements – from increasing sales, media mentions, speaking engagements and professional connections to a delivering a more engaging website experience for your visitors.

Digital Marketing User of ExpertFile

Optimize your owned content.

Digital Marketing User of ExpertFile

Tailored for your specific needs, the ExpertFile platform ensures your experts and their content are easily deployable and discoverable when and where you need it. In a digital era, it’s essential that experts in your organization can easily be found by audiences seeking out expert content – which requires search engine optimization. Our approach not only puts your experts and their insights front and center on your website, but we also make sure they’re visible for search engines, social media and our valuable partners such as the Associated Press and Dejero.

Leverage powerful, collaborative software.

The ExpertFile platform empowers you with the digital tools you need to capture and showcase your organization’s expertise. We wanted to create a platform that not only allows you to easily organize and manage expert content but also integrates with your existing systems and allows you to quickly deploy content. Built with multiple teams in mind, our platform is designed to support cross-team collaboration and empower your organization with a centralized hub for expert content. Plus as a SaaS solution, you know you’re always getting the latest and greatest features.

Get everything you need under one roof.

It’s one thing to have the leading software for expertise marketing but getting the most out of your program demands a hands-on approach. Across all of our client engagements, we don’t just provide you access to leading software, but we’ll also help you think strategically about your expertise. We show you how to leverage best practices to engage all your users – from fellow team members and leadership to your individual experts. To get you up and running quickly, we’ll provide profile creation services, technical assistance and a dedicated customer success representative to keep you on track.