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Adam Clark - Muhlenberg College. Allentown, PA, US

Adam Clark

Assistant Professor of Physics | Muhlenberg College

Allentown, PA, United-States

Dr. Clark's research interests include string theory and particle theory, with a current focus on the Gauge-Gravity Correspondence.






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Dr. Clark's research interests include String Theory and Particle Theory. His research focuses on an area known as the Gauge-Gravity Correspondence, which is the conjectured equivalence between quantum theories of gravity with certain properties in higher dimensional space-times and gauge theories (which describe the fundamental forces in the Standard Model of particle physics) with no gravity in lower dimensional space-times. The Correspondence is believed true for any quantum gravity theory in a space-time with the appropriate properties. Dr. Clark's research focuses on testing the Correspondence in new regimes, bringing the gauge theories used in the Correspondence closer to those of the Standard Model, and exploring when the Correspondence can be reversed (i.e. what are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a gauge theory to have an equivalent description as a higher-dimensional gravity theory).

Areas of Expertise (6)

String Theory Particle Physics Gauge-Gravity Correspondence Gravity Quantum Theory AdS/CFT Correspondence

Education (4)

University of Washington: Ph.D., Physics

University of Washington: M.S., Physics

University of Texas, Austin: M.A., Physics

New College of Florida: B.A., Physics and Mathematics

Articles (4)

AdS-sliced flavor branes and adding flavor to the Janus solution Physical Review D


We implement D7 flavor branes in anti-de Sitter-sliced coordinates on AdS5×S5 with the ansatz that the brane fluctuates only in the warped (μ) direction in this slicing, which is particularly appropriate for studying the Janus solution.

Co-authored with George M. Newman and Muhlenberg College students Nathan Crossette and Andrea Rommal

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Energy positivity, non-renormalization, and holomorphy in Lorentz-violating supersymmetric theories Journal of High Energy Physics


This paper shows that the positive-energy and non-renormalization theorems of traditional supersymmetry survive the addition of Lorentz violating interactions.

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The CFT/AdS correspondence, massive gravitons and a connectivity index conjecture Physical Review D


We discuss the general question of which conformal field theories have dual descriptions in terms of quantum gravity theories on anti-de Sitter space. We analyze in detail the case of a deformed product of n conformal field theories (each of which has a gravity dual), and we claim that the dual description of this is by a quantum gravity theory on a union of n anti-de Sitter spaces, connected at their boundary

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Super Janus Journal of High Energy Physics


We propose and study a supersymmetric version of the Janus domain wall solution of type-IIB supergravity.

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