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Adam Haesler - Author of the series

Adam Haesler Adam Haesler

Author and blogger | Author of the series "How to Improve Test Scores!"

Buranby, BC, CANADA

Helping students reach their full potential





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I am a goal-orientated person. I establish a goal and then determine the path to execute it. This is the way I have always lived my life and is something I wish to inspire in students around the world. Most students unfortunately do not have any idea what kind of impact they wish to have on the world coming out of university or even if they could. This is something that I am passionate about changing. I hope to do this by creating online programs that develop students critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The facts about me:
BScH: Microbiology and Mathematics at UoG
MSc :Biochemistry at SFU
Teaching: 3 teaching assistantships; tutoring (+500 hours) with Tutor Doctor
On going educator as a blogger and author of

My free time is filled with training for my next big running race. I am a long distance runner and have transitioned recently to ultra-distance and multi-day racing. I was a road runner for a few years but have found that my passion is for the trails that lead me to many incredible views. To date I have completed four marathons, four half marathons, and six day 120 mile race on the Colorado Rockies. My ultimate long-term goal currently is to complete a 100 mile race.

Teaching Philosophy:
To help students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills for life, to allow them to help themselves.

Testimonials from tutoring:
"My son looks confident about his Math skills. He had a full mark [grade of A after a year of a C average] for his Math quiz at the school and he is pleased to have Adam to help him. Thank you for introducing such a caring tutor for him!"
- Mother of Grade 10 student

"...with Adam's help that Jessica improved a lot with her Chemistry study. He is patient, knowledgeable and very kind."
- Mother of Grade 11 student

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Author of How to Improve Test Scores part I (professional)

Want to know how to improve test scores without more studying? Stop careless mistakes? Stop leaving blanks on a test? How to Improve Test Scores part I: Ways to avoid getting a mark of zero on a test to help you raise test scores. Test taking skills guide; what to do from the first minute to the last to improve your test scores. How to manage your time during the test List of must do activities to improve your test scores Full description of how each technique will raise test scores.

Education (2)

Simon Fraser University: MSc, Biochemistry 2010

I was studying the structure and function of a heartbeat regulatory protein called HCN2.

University of Guelph: BScH, Microbiology 2001

I also completed a minor in Mathematics.



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