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Adamu Ayuba Adamu Ayuba

COO | El-Zizah International


Dynamic, Proactive, Best Practice Motivational speaker, with flare for futuristic solutions to personal and corporate needs.

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Information Technology and Services

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ICT as A Leadership Tool

Leadership - an African Perspective

The Future of Nigerian Hospitality Industry

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ICT as Tool for Leadership

ICT described as Information Communication Technology, has several uses with increasing numbers of tools and applications. The lectures shows that all, from the farmers to the legislators can use ICT for a more effective, proactive and cost friendly means to succeed in their endeavours. Suggestions for possible usages and encouragement to start at least from social networking to the more technically specific usages. Persons present are also encouraged to mentor somebody unknown to them to be ICT literates within some specific time. At the end of the lecture, ICT is successfully presented as a familiar tool; Usages known and unknown are highligther; benefits showcased and the possibility of stremlining ICT for leading people more proactively.


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