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Adrian Howard Adrian Howard

Generalising Specialist | Quietstars

Bournemouth, United Kingdom, Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM

Generalising Specialist (mostly in Agile/UX)



Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.

Adrian spends most of his time creating web applications - helping with everything from user experience work to writing code. Unsurprisingly he's a huge fan of cross-disciplinary agile teams. Adrian spends too much time on the agile-usability and IxDA mailing lists, as well as moderating the Agile Usability & STC Usability and User Experience SIG mailing lists.

He's been working on the cusp between development and UX work in the commercial web world since 1996. Before that he was a member of the Socio-Cognitive Technology Research Group at Sussex University and helped out with the Human Centred Computing Systems MSc.

Industry Expertise (1)

Computer Software

Areas of Expertise (5)

Lean Startup

Information Architecture



User Experience

Education (1)

University of Sussex: 1st BA (Hons), Computing and Artificial Intelligence 1991

The degree covered AI technologies (expert systems, genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc.) and traditional computing (software engineering, object oriented development, etc.)

Affiliations (2)

  • Perl