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Adriana  Jaroszewicz - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Adriana Jaroszewicz Adriana  Jaroszewicz

Associate Professor of Animation | Loyola Marymount University


School of Film and Television






Chaos and Metamophosis - Interaction Chaos and Metamorphosis El Botin (The Looting) Termination Shock (Stereo)



Adriana Jaroszewicz has been working in animation for over 17 years. Her experience ranges from Internet-based to feature-length animation and visual effects films.

Adriana holds an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Before joining LMU, Adriana served as a Senior Digital Trainer for animators, compositors, hair, layout, character set-up and character pipeline crews at Sony Pictures Imageworks. She trained artists for feature films such as Monster House, Ghost Rider, Superman Returns, Surf's Up, Open Season, Spiderman 3, I Am Legend, Beowulf, Watchmen, G-Force, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Alice in Wonderland and Cats and Dogs 2.

She has collaborated with composer Martin Jaroszewicz on a series of projects including “OSC Physics” and “OSC Physics Pro,” two audiovisual applications for the iPad, and “Chaos and Metamorphosis,” an audiovisual installation that was on view at the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts.

Adriana regularly teaches and presents at conferences and engagements around the world. She has been a Professor in Residence at SideFX software to continue her professional development in Houdini. She a is Certified Nuke Trainer for The Foundry’s compositing software Nuke through fxphd.com

She continues to research the application of movement analysis-based methods as pedagogy to improve 3D computer animation biomechanics and character development. She has completed her animated short El Botín (The Looting), a dark tragic comedy combining 3D computer animated characters and miniature environments, and currently she is working on another CG film about a dog.

Education (5)

University of Southern California: MFA, Film, Video, and Computer Animation

University of the Pacific: BFA, Graphic Design

iAnimate.net: Professional Development, Feature Animation (F2) 2015

FX Phd: Professional Development, Certified Nuke Trainer 2013

Gnomon School of Visual Effects: Professional Development, Character Animation and Kinematics 2008


Areas of Expertise (3)

3d Computer Animation

CG Generalist

Nuke Compositing

Industry Expertise (5)


Training and Development


Motion Pictures and Film


Accomplishments (10)

“El Botín” (The Looting) - Animated Short (professional)


- Creator, director and animator for six-minute animated short.
- The techniques used are 3D computer graphics characters, miniature sets, and photographs.

Solving Technical and Artistic Problems in Interdisciplinary Teams (professional)


International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Understanding Aesthetic Trends In Animation (professional)


UFVA Conference

Character Animation Redefined by Laban Movement Analysis (professional)


Annual Conference of the Society for Animation Studies

Introduction to Houdini Worklflow (professional)


SIGGRAPH 2012 Course

Creative Uses of Laban Theory - Animation (professional)


Motus Humanus Roundtable

Chaos and Metamorphosis - Audio Visual Installation (professional)


Electronics Live - Culver Center for the Arts

Will Laban Movement Analysis + 3D = Animation Skills (professional)


Lilly West Conference on College and University Teaching

Evaluating Faculty Work in Creative Specialties for Tenure and Promotion (professional)


Lilly West Conference on College and University Teaching

Evaluating Faculty Work in Creative Specialties for Tenure and Promotion (professional)


Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL)

Affiliations (1)


Languages (1)

  • Spanish

Courses (6)

ANIM 220 Intermediate Animation Workshop

2D digital group projects

ANIM 230 Introduction to 3D Computer Animation

Introduction to the 3D computer animation pipeline.

ANIM 260 Digital Tool Box

Sister class for ANIM 220, where the digital tools to complete the group project are taught.

ANIM 330 Intermediate 3D Animation

More in-depth techniques of the 3D animation pipeline

ANIM 380 Visual Effects

Focus on compositing techniques of CG images and live action footage, and 3D compositing and effects

ANIM 398 Programming 3D Animation Tools

Co-taught course where tools for the 3D animation pipeline are created using python