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Adrienne Travis - Utilitarienne. Saint Louis, MO, US

Adrienne Travis

Web Developer | Utilitarienne


ExpressionEngine Expert, SQL Data Monkey, Problem-Solver & Lover of Code



I wear a lot of hats -- ExpressionEngine expert, SQL consultant, technology evangelist, and all-around web geek.

I've been in love with computers since the '80s, when I taught myself BASIC on my Commodore 64. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and several other technologies quickly followed. These days I'm focused mainly on ExpressionEngine as a platform, and on SQL (mainly MySQL) as a data layer. I have 10+ years of experience working with both, and I'm very keen to help folks build great, optimized stuff with an awesome user experience.

I've done a lot of different types of web work over the course of my career and delight in solving complicated interlocking problems for my clients. I have a broad range of expertise and if you come to me with an idea or an issue I'm good at figuring out what's needed to solve your problem or realize your vision. And I make sure to provide lots of detail and documentation when I’m hired to consult -- my clients love that about me.

I graduated from Rhodes College in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology/sociology and a minor in computer science. After graduation I started my own side business, and I've built over 50 ExpressionEngine sites for my clients. (That's in addition to my full-time work in the industry, for companies like The Nerdery.) I'm also an active member of the EE developer community and the Twin Cities EE user group, and was recently invited to be a guest expert on an episode of the EE Podcast.

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Rhodes College: Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology/Sociology 1998

minor in Computer Science