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Afroditi V. Filippas, Ph.D. - VCU College of Engineering. Engineering West Hall, Room 334, Richmond, VA, US

Afroditi V. Filippas, Ph.D. Afroditi V. Filippas, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies; Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering | VCU College of Engineering

Engineering West Hall, Room 334, Richmond, VA, UNITED STATES

Professor Filippas' research focuses on signal processing and nonlinear statistical analysis techniques





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Industry Expertise (2)



Areas of Expertise (3)

Microwave and RF Modeling and Simulation

Signal Processing

Medical Devices

Education (3)

University of Patras: Diploma, Electrical Engineering 1986

University of Texas: M.S.E., Electrical Engineering 1989

University of Texas: Ph.D., Electrical Engineering 1993

Affiliations (1)

  • IEEE : Senior Member

Research Focus (1)

Multiple Fundamental Frequency Pitch Detection for Real Time MIDI Applications(Link)


- Convert electrical guitar signal with multiple fundamental frequencies to MIDI control signals - Uses neural network binary trees to extract pitch features from a signal - Operates in real-time with low latency on a embedded platform

Selected Articles (3)

Signal Processing of Electroencephalogram for the Detection of Attentiveness towards Short Training Videos


2013 This research has developed a novel method which uses an easy to deploy single dry electrode wireless electroencephalogram (EEG) collection device as an input to an automated system that measures indicators of a participant's attentiveness while they are watching a short training video. The results are promising, including 85% or better accuracy in identifying whether a participant is watching a segment of video from a boring scene or lecture, versus a segment of video from an attentiveness inducing active lesson or memory quiz. In addition, the final system produces an ensemble average of attentiveness across many participants, pinpointing areas in the training videos that induce peak attentiveness...

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The S-band transmitter design for the Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications racetrack microtron

Particle Accelerator Conference

1999 A high-power CW (continuous-wave) source, at 2380 MHz, for the IASA (Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications), (Athens, Greece), Microtron is based on the CPI (Communications and Power Industries) type VKS-8270 multi-cavity klystron. The high-level DC power conditioning for the klystron uses an existing high-voltage transformer-rectifier (HVPS) and variable-voltage transformer (VVT), designed to operate from 60 Hz power, whereas the local power is at 50 Hz...

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Mode Matching Analysis of the Coplanar Microstripline on a Layered Dielectric Substrate

The University of Texas at Austin

1989 In this project, mode matching was used to calculate the propagation constant and the characteristic impedance of a coplanar coupled microstrip line. The Striplines are considered to be perfect electric conductors of negligible thickness, and are separated from the ground plane by three layers of dielectric material. The layer with the higher dielectric constant is sandwiched between two layers of lower dielectric constants, such that the field is confined to this middle layer, which is called the 'conducting layer' of the microstrip line. By confining the field to this layer, losses at the metal conductor are minimized.

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