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Ai-Ping Hu - Georgia Tech College of Engineering. Atlanta, GA, US

Ai-Ping Hu

Senior Research Engineer, Mechanical Engineering | Georgia Tech College of Engineering


Ai-Ping Hu is an expert in the areas of robots, farming and autonomy.






Ai-Ping Hu: Robotic Arm for Visual Servoing



Ai-Ping Hu is a senior research engineer in the Georgia Tech Research Institute's Food Processing Technology Division. Ai-Ping received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has worked at a start-up robotics company for a number of years before joining GTRI in 2009. Ai-Ping research interests include advanced controls for unstructured environments and agricultural robotics. Pulkit Kapur is a Senior Industry Manager for Robotics and Autonomous Systems at MathWorks. Prior to MathWorks, Pulkit worked at iRobot as a product manager launching several commercial robots globally. Pulkit has also worked in the areas of haptics and manipulation, developing and launching desktop-based haptic robotic devices. Pulkit has a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Robotics from the GRASP Lab at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Pulkit has over 10 years of research and industry experience in the field of robotics and autonomous systems.

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Tarzan the robot was actually inspired by a sloth

ScienceNews for Students  online


Ai-Ping Hu and Jonathan Rogers watch, in the lab, as their farm robot swings hand-over-hand along a wire...

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Editor’s Notes: Observations From the 2018 Robotics & AI Summit at LiveWorx

Robotics Business Review  online


The 2018 Robotics & AI Summit, whose theme was “Advancing Manufacturing Competitiveness,” included a wide range of expert speakers and panelists: Academics and researchers: Such as Elaine Chen, MIT; Nancy DeAngelis, Brandeis University; Ai Ping Hu, Georgia Tech; and Jing Xiao, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Don't Miss Ai-Ping Hu's Robotics Trends Review for GMN Webinar

Global Meat  online


GlobalMeatNews is pleased to welcome exciting US researcher Ai-Ping Hu as our latest speaker for the Wednesday 7 February webinar: Automate, Integrate, Accelerate. Hu, is the third speaker for our automation efficiency forum, is a well known analyst whose views on cutting-edge technology have been featured in The Guardian and Daily Mail Online, among others.

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Why Georgia Tech Built a Tarzan Robot That Swings Around on Wires

IEEE Spectrum  online


The system that Rogers is working towards (along with a team that includes Dr. Ai-Ping Hu and graduate students Evan Davies and Siavash Farzan) involves a system of wires installed on posts above each row of crops in a farmer’s field. Several robots would be deployed at the beginning of the growing season, and they would collaboratively and autonomously swing around to check out the crops with their sensors, potentially dispensing pesticides or fertilizer when and where they decide it’s necessary. Data is constantly sent back to the farmer for analysis and high-level decision making, although ideally, the system wouldn’t require the farmer to do much of anything. ..

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Swingin' robot made to watch crops from above

New Atlas  online


"It could be out there in the field, powered by the sun, and swinging along on its way without needing batteries or needing to be charged," says Dr. Jonathan Rogers, who is leading the project along with Dr. Ai-Ping Hu. "It could live outside for literally months at a time." In the more immediate future, however, plans call for the technology to tested in soybean test fields located near Athens, Georgia this summer...

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Gribbot robot could take chicken deboning out of human hands

The Guardian  online


“In a nutshell, our robotic system avoids bone chips by using force control to distinguish between the meat, skin, tendon and bone,” says project lead Ai-Ping Hu. “And it uses vision sensing to size up a bird to generate a unique cutting path that improves meat yield.”

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