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Ajit Jha

Freelance Writer and Speaker | Independent Worker

Ghaziabad, INDIA

I engage readers/listeners gradually to raise their level of consciousness to the feel of divine

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You're What You Think

Matter and mind are the two forms of same energy - the universal energy that pervades and permeates in everything. Every thought/idea is then a form of energy that is waiting to be materialized depending on the focus, strength and duration of the thought. So, you are nothing more than the sum total of your thoughts and will be nothing more than your thoughts. Therefore, it is not surprising that the ancient wisdom from which the new age philosophy has borrowed a lot focuses on thought control. If you can control your thoughts you will determine who you want to be rather than the external forces determining you. Your responses will no longer be conditioned and your actions will be self governed, self directed to achieve the goal you choose to achieve.


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