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Alayne "Mimi" Ormerod, Ph.D.

Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology | Fielding Graduate University

Santa Barbara, CA, UNITED STATES

Racial/Ethnic harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the schools, workplace, and military; Sexual violence





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Alayne (Mimi) Ormerod, Ph.D., is a core faculty member and Director of Research Practicum Training in the School of Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. Dr. Ormerod is the 2018 Chair for the American Psychological Association Committee on Women in Psychology. She has held multiple leadership positions in APA Division 35, Society for the Psychology of Women and is a past associate editor of Psychology of Women Quarterly. An expert on sexual harassment in the workplace, she has consulted to the Department of Defense on their survey program to assess sexual and racial/ethnic harassment and discrimination in the military. Her areas of professional interest are workplace issues and sexual and gendered violence. Dr. Ormerod’s current scholarship focuses on sexual harassment and discrimination in the schools, workplace, and military, and sexual assault in the military.

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Areas of Expertise (6)

Research Methods

Psychometric Theory

Research in Psychotherapy

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Schools, Workplace, and Military

Sexual Violence

Racial/Ethnic Harassment and Discrimination in the Schools, Workplace, and Military

Education (2)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: PhD, Counseling Psychology

University of California, Santa Barbara: MA, Counseling Psychology

Affiliations (5)

  • American Psychological Association (APA), Divisions 14, 17, 19, 35, 44 : Member
  • APA Committee on Women in Psychology : Chair 2018
  • Illinois Psychological Association : Member
  • Association for Psychological Science : Member
  • Association for Women in Psychology : Member

Event Appearances (9)

The Role of Religiosity In Self-Control and Adolescent Delinquency: Poster (Gilbert, B., Hull, A., Lyons, D., Silverman, M., & Ormerod, A.J.)

(April, 2018) Midwestern Psychological Association  Chicago, Il

Coping strategies that promote resilience to employment discrimination among transgender and gender diverse individuals (Riley, J., Sotilleo, E., Woodrum, T.D., Yuen, N., Mizock, L., & Ormerod, A.J.)

(August, 2017) American Psychological Association Annual Meeting  Washington, DC

Sexual Harassment of Adolescent Girls (Ormerod, A. J., & Sagrestano, L. M.)

(August, 2015) American Psychological Association Annual Meeting: Symposium on Violence Against Diverse Women  Toronto, Canada

The Role of Climate Perceptions in Predicting School Outcomes and Distress (Poster) (Ormerod, A.J., Alabi, O., Bolt, L., Connell, S., Glass, S., Moore, G., & Palmer, S.)

(May 2015) American Psychological Association Annual Meeting  Chicago, IL

Sexual harassment at school and work: Webinar

(October, 2014) Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment (WNGE) Webinar Series: Violence Against Women & Girls: Continuing Conversations Part Three – Enculturated Violence: Everyday and Everywhere – and Feminist Responses  Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA

Contributions of School Climate and Sexual Harassment to School and Psychological Outcomes (Ormerod, A.J., DeBlaere, C., & Sagrestano, L.M.)

(August, 2013) Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association  Honolulu, Hawaii

Sexual and Racial/Ethnic Harassment in School: Relative Effects on Well-Being

(August, 2010) Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association  San Diego, CA

Impact of Sexual Harassment in School on Sexual Risk-Taking (Sagrestano, L.M., DeBlaere, C., & Ormerod, A.J)

(August, 2013) Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association  Honolulu, Hawaii

Sexual and Racial/Ethnic Harassment in School: Relative Effects on Well-Being (Poster)

(August, 2010) American Psychological Association Annual Meeting  San Diego, CA

Research Grants (1)

Outcomes of Sexual Harassment: A Process Model

(2001-2006) National Institute of Mental Health $1,660,989

Co-Principal Investigator

Articles (6)

Sexual assault in the military

APA Handbook of the Psychology of Women: Perspectives on Women’s Private and Public Lives

Ormerod, A. J., & Steel, J.

(2018) C. B. Travis & J. W. White (Eds.) Vol. 2, pp. 195-213). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/0000060-011

Coping with transphobia in employment: Strategies used by transgender and gender diverse people in the United States

International Journal of Transgenderism

Mizock, L., Woodrum, T., Riley, J., Sotilleo, E., Yuen, N., & Ormerod, A. J.

(2017) V.18, 282-294. doi:10.1080/15532739.2017.1304313

Transphobia in the Workplace: A Qualitative Study of Employment Stigma

Stigma & Health. Advance online publication

Mizock, L., Riley, J., Yuen, N., Woodrum, T., Sotilleo, E., Ormerod, A.

(2017) Transgender individuals report frequent encounters with transphobia in the workplace, although relatively few studies have investigated this phenomenon. The present grounded theory analysis was conducted with 45 transgender and gender diverse participants to delineate their different experiences with bias and discrimination in the workplace.

view more

Do actions speak louder than words? A comparison of three organizational practices for reducing racial/ethnic harassment and discrimination

Military Psychology

Larsen, S. E., Nye, C. D., Ormerod, A. J., Ziebro, M., & Siebert, J. E.

(November, 2013) We assessed the effectiveness of three commonly suggested organizational practices for reducing racial/ethnic harassment and discrimination (REHD): training; resources for reporting REHD; and implementation actions taken by leadership to reduce REHD.

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Racial/ethnic harassment and discrimination, its antecedents, and its effect on job-related outcomes

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

Bergman, M.E., Palmieri, P.A., Drasgow, F., & Ormerod, A.J.

(2012) A general model of workplace prejudice acts, their antecedents, and their consequences is proposed and examined in the context of racial/ethnic harassment and discrimination (REHD). Antecedents proposed and tested here include context and climate, whereas consequences proposed and tested here include work, supervisor, and opportunity satisfaction and turnover intentions.

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Critical climate: Relations among sexual harassment, climate, and outcomes for high school girls and boys

Psychology of Women Quarterly

(June, 2008) This study examined the relationships among peer-to-peer sexual harassment, school climate, adult-to-student harassment, and outcomes (psychological and physical well-being; school withdrawal and safety) for high school girls (n= 310) and boys (n= 259) recruited from seven public high schools in a Midwestern state. More frequent, severe peer harassment was associated with being female; holding climate perceptions that one's school is tolerant of the harassment of girls; and experiencing more frequent, severe harassment by school personnel.

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