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Aldous Irving Echegoyen - 1920 Solutions. Pasig, , PH

Aldous Irving Echegoyen

Coach/Trainer | 1920 Solutions


Well versed with the modern approach in Sales and Marketing



Mr. Aldous Irving J. Echegoyen has been doing public speaking, counseling and mentoring for a number of years now. He has also been invited as inspirational speaker in Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. He has taken up Management in College and has more than 15 years of sales and marketing, business development and team management experience.

He also has 10 years of ministry building experience helping congregations in the country to grow in quality and number.

Presently, he manages an international company called Virtual Assistant International based in California ( He has helped develop international companies by giving them advice on how to market their product effectively. He is an SEO and Internet Marketing guru who has all the tools and skills to improve any company’s website.

A Businessman and a Life Coach, Mr. Echegoyen believes that he is called in the business of facilitating change and improving the lives of people around him.

Industry Expertise (8)

Corporate Leadership

Social Media

Business Services

Training and Development


Professional Training and Coaching

Direct Marketing

Corporate Training

Areas of Expertise (3)

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Merchandising

Personal Financial Management

Affiliations (3)

  • 1920 Business Solutions
  • Manila Visa
  • Virtual Assistants International

Event Appearances (7)


Personality Development and Sales Training with Good Hand 88  U.P. Dilliman



Seminar on International Marketing  Ever Mall, Cinema



Sales and Merchandising Workshop  Virginia Foods Inc., Cebu


Personal Financial Management Workshop  General Milling Corp., Cebu


Personal Financial Management Workshop  Plantation Bay Resorts & Spa, Cebu

Social Media Marketing

Seminar on Social Media Marketing  Cavite State University


Personal Financial Management Workshop

Personal Financial Management Workshop  General Milling Corp., Cebu


Sample Talks (5)

The Pesonal Financial Management Seminar

The Personal Financial Management of 1920 Solutions helps your employees to be free from financial mess and facilitates them to set financial goals. We have prepared practical and effective lessons and workshops that would actually open their minds and make them successful in their financial endeavors.


This program is aimed to help and develop your marketing managers in their responsibility to help your company reach its potential in sales. This is a very comprehensive training program with workshops; if followed, this will surely give you the edge in your industry.

Sales and Marketing

Stop beating around the bush and start getting that sales! The main point in every business is PROFIT. Without profit, your business will surely close. This Seminar/Workshop will boost your sales people and reach your zenith in production.

Sales & Merchandising Seminar/Workshop

The grocery store can be a great battle ground and you may not even know it. Learn the secrets on how to make that sales in the battle of the merchandisers. Teach your merchandisers how to succeed and let them know how important they are as the front liners.

Constructive Personality Assets at Work

Corporate organizations need to understand that people are made up of 4 major personality types known as sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic and choleric personality type. These personalities have specific descriptions which are actually advantageous on the part of the company as well as when dealing with one another. With this seminar/workshop, corporate members will realize that each personality type inside the company can contribute something for the benefit of the organization and it can speak of many positive impression instead of negative against one personality.



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  • Corporate Training


477 to 714 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee