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Alexander Lentjes - 3-D Revolution Productions. Bristol, United Kingdom, , GB

Alexander Lentjes Alexander Lentjes

3-D Stereoscopic Consultant, Animation Producer, Director | 3-D Revolution Productions

Bristol, United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

3D Stereoscopic consultant - since 1999. Animation producer & director (lentjes [at]








Owner of Bristol, UK-based animation production company 3-D Revolution Productions. Specializing in 3-D Stereoscopic Animation production, post-production and consulting.
Creative and Technical assistance at any stage of 3D Stereoscopic Animated Television Series and Feature Film production.

Freelance services available: 3-D, animation and post production consultation, producing, supervision and direction.

3-D conference talks:

Children's Media Conference 2012
Sheffield, UK

Cartoon Connection Korea 2012
Busan, Korea

MIPTV 2011 - 3-D Stereoscopic Production Focus
Cannes, France

Kidscreen Summit 2010, 2012
New York, USA

FAS Screen Training Ireland / European MEDIA programme
3-D Cinema in Europe 2010, 2011, 2012

Annecy Animation Festival 3DTV Conference / MIFA 2010
Annecy, France

Dimension 3 Expo 2009, 2010, 2012
Paris, France

SIGGRAPH Bristol Chapter 2009

Broadcast Video Forum 2008
London, UK

3-D In Your Face 2011
Screen Yorkshire, Bradford

Available for talks, guest speaking and workshops.

Spoken and lectured on Stereoscopic 3D at, Aalto University (Helsinki), Digital Education Institute (Taipei), UWE Bristol (University West England), De MontFort University (Leicester), Weymouth University


Articles in 3D World, Kidscreen, Showreel Magazine, Animation Magazine, Broadcast Magazine, 3-DIY, Digital Media World, on 3-D Stereoscopic Animation & Film production.

Industry Expertise (3)

Media Production


Motion Pictures and Film

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Accomplishments (2)

Stereoscopic production for animated feature film and television since 1999 (professional)


Well over a decade of experience in the highly specialized and complex medium of 3-D stereoscopic animation. Started working in the medium well before the current digital 3-D revolution started and have been instrumental in educating millions of visitors to my website since 2000 in the ins and outs of 3-D stereoscopic production, besides the many participants to workshops, lectures and corporate trainings & consults. Speaking at conferences, workshops and corporate training events since 2007.

Running the largest 3-D networking group worldwide (professional)


Set up and managing the 3-D Stereoscopic Professionals Worldwide LinkedIn Group, now with close to 10,000 members. Largest networking group for 3-D Stereoscopic professionals in the world.

Education (4)

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht: BA, Animation and Television Engineering 2000

Faculty prize for best graduation film This 3-D stereoscopic CGI / stop-motion animation went on to be displayed in 3-D at all the prestigious animation festivals with a 3-D facility

Stoeteboom: 1988

DOJCA&D: 1999

Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem: 1996

Affiliations (1)

  • Stereoscopic 3-D Professionals Worldwide

Testimonials (3)

Helen McMahon, Programme Director of Screenleaders EU, Programme Director 3D Cinema in Europe, MEDIA | FAS Screen Training Ireland / 3D Cinema in Europe

Alexander was a guest speaker this year on our 3D Cinema in Europe Course that is funded by the MEDIA Programme of the EU and Screen Training Ireland. He was a joy to have involved in the programme, his knowledge of 3D is so relevant to what is currently happening in the industry. He expertise is without question, his openness and presentation of the topic is impeccable. He was very generous with his knowledge and also extremely helpful navigating the technical setup of the 3D examples. He is also the first person I have come across that does his entire PowerPoint in 3D, which really helped translating the information for participants with examples. I can recommend him to anyone running a training programme or providing consultation.

Aarne Norberg, Independent Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Writer & Consultant | Aalto University Helsinki

Alexander has profound knowledge on stereoscopic 3D film production and he is an excellent lecturer of the subject. I have attended his S3D seminar in Dublin as well as organized one in Helsinki for Aalto University, School of Art and Design – Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design. I regard Alexander as a pleasant person and esteemed colleague who has great affection for filmmaking, especially in S3D format. From my experience I can frankly recommend his stereoscopic 3D expertise for my colleagues

Chris Curtis, Director | Passion Pictures

I am very pleased to recommend Alexander after I hired him as a Stereographer on my commercial for Audi – “A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver”. He came highly recommend to me after giving a talk to our CGI crew here at Passion Pictures. As this commercial was the company’s first major foray into stereo work we needed someone with a complete and all round knowledge of both the technical and creative processes involved, from start to finish. Alex more than exceeded my expectations in both of these fields. Both with his technical overseeing of the pre viz in Maya to the final realisation in XSi and guiding our crew Creatively he has a great combination of knowing what will look great but also how to push the boundary’s in stereo.

Event Appearances (8)

3-D Stereoscopic film and animation cinematography, script and storyboarding

FAS MEDIA Screen Training Ireland - 3D Cinema in Europe  Dublin, Ireland


The future of 3DTV for children's media production

Children's Media Conference  Sheffield, UK


3-D Stereoscopic production considerations for tablets and handhelds

Cartoon Connection Korea  Busan, South Korea


3-D on demand: a 3-D delivery and content paradigm shift

Dimension 3 Expo  Paris, France


3-D Stereoscopic film and television production workshop

S3D Campus  Paris, France


The present and future of 3DTV

Kidscreen Summit  New York, USA



MIPtv  Cannes, France


3D Stereoscopic production for kids content

Kidscreen Summit  New York, USA


Sample Talks (1)

3D Stereoscopic production for feature film and television

3D Stereoscopic production from Budget to Schedule, from Script to Screen. S3D production implications for production crew and pipeline, at various scales of production, with a strong focus on typical European production approaches. The current state of 3D film, television and handheld production and distribution and the future outlook for the medium. Ultra high definition, high framerates, laser acquisition and projection and holography and the impact of these near future technologies.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
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  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


0 to 1500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee