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Alise Bartley, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT - Florida Gulf Coast University. Fort Myers, FL, US

Alise Bartley, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT Alise Bartley, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT

Expert in families and couples counseling | Florida Gulf Coast University


Alise Bartley is an experienced counselor with expertise in shared parenting, divorce, affair recovery and anxiety.







Alise Bartley is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Counseling and director of the Community Counseling Center at Florida Gulf Coast University. She is also an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) clinical fellow and AAMFT supervisor. Among her fields of clinical focus are eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, adolescent cutting behaviors and LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals.

Areas of Expertise (14)

General Mental Health Concerns

Personality Disorders

Grief and Bereavement

Mentoring & Careers

Eating Disorders

Emotional Disregulation

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Issues



Compassion fatigue

Lifespan Development

Shared Parenting

Divorce & Blended Family Issues

Families and Couple Communication

Education (3)

The University of Akron: Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision 2005

Specialization: Marriage and Family

Walsh University: M.A., Counseling and Human Development 1996

The College of Wooster: B.A., Psychology 1988

Affiliations (13)

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist : Florida
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor : Florida
  • Licensed Supervising Clinical Counselor : Ohio
  • Independent Marriage and Family Therapist : Ohio
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy : Member
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy : Clinical Fellow
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy : Approved Supervisor
  • General Mediator Training : Ohio
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision : Member
  • American Counseling Association : Member
  • PEERS Program : American Red Cross Mental Health Volunteer
  • Chi Sigma Iota Professional Counseling : Member
  • The Society for the Advancement of Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy : Founding Member (2001-03)

Selected Media Appearances (31)

Kids and teens also struggled with mental health battles during pandemic

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley discusses how the pandemic has impacted the mental health of kids and teens.

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Experts say it’s normal to feel uncomfortable about no masks

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley explains why it's normal to feel uncomfortable not wearing a mask.

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Pandemic underscores need for more mental health resources

FGCU 360  print


Dr. Alise Barley discusses the need for mental health resources.

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Experts believe increased screen time has lead to ‘Zoom Zombies’ on the road

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Dr. Alise Bartley explains how increased screen time could be affecting your mental health.

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Pandemic triggers ‘aloneliness’ epidemic for some



Dr. Alise Bartley discusses the term "aloneliness."

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How your performance at work could change based on when you sleep

ABC7  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley talks about the importance of sleep.

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Mass shootings adding to already declining mental health

Fox 4  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley talks about the impact mass shootings have on your mental health.

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Creepy or Convenient? Tools make it easy to track your ex

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Dr. Alise Bartley explains how tracking someone's location can turn into unhealthy habits.

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How to protect your kids from dangerous social media challenges

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Dr. Alise Bartley discusses how to protect children from dangerous social media challenges.

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How smoking has made a comeback during the pandemic

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Dr. Alise Bartley discusses the rising trend of smoking during the pandemic.

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Taking working remotely to a whole new level: Managing work-life balance during pandemic

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Dr. Alise Barley discusses ways to balance your job and personal life when working from home.

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Experts say loss of casual friendships due to pandemic can take toll on mental health

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Dr. Alise Bartley explains how a loss of relationships can take a toll on our mental health.

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Counselors see uptick in couples counseling amid pandemic

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley discusses the uptick in couples seeking counseling during COVID-19.

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Are you spending too much time on social media?

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley discusses the use of social media.

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Experts predict surge of pandemic divorces

ABC7  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley said COVID-19 has created the opportunity for "a lot of togetherness, and too much togetherness is not a good thing."

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Easing stress and anxiety on Election night

ABC7  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley discusses how to ease stress during the Presidential Election.

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How do your political views impact your perception?

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley said, "We don’t know what the new normal is going to look like. So we need to focus in on something that gives a feeling of power. Which is to talk about politics,”

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Utilizing multicultural crayons to teach diversity and inclusion

Fox 4  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley talks about inclusion and how a child's formative years are when most insecurities are developed.

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Mental health experts question need for ammo during coronavirus pandemic

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley discusses why people are focusing on certain behaviors during a pandemic.

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How smartphones could be linked to mental health decline in young people



Dr. Alise Bartley breaks down a comprehensive study about how smartphones may be linked to a decline in the mental health of young people.

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FGCU's new Community Counseling Center offers low-cost services to the community

WGCU  radio


Dr. Alise Bartley talks with Mike Kiniry on "Gulf Coast Live" about the new Community Counseling Center.

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Community Counseling Center at FGCU opens to the public

Florida Weekly  print


Dr. Alise Bartley talks about the new Community Counseling Center at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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New counseling center at FGCU to help community

Fox 4  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley opens the Community Counseling Center at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Lawmaker pushes for mental health day for students in Florida

Fox 4  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley talks about a proposed bill to give students the opportunity to take mental health days.

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New study shows Americans are in more debt than ever before

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley discusses the role of money as a coping mechanism for mental health issues.

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Lehigh Regional Medical Center developing new mental health treatment unit

NBC2  tv


Dr. Alise Bartley talks about mental health and the community's need for services.

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Dating apps could be to blame for more eating disorders

NBC 2  online


Dr. Alise Bartley analyzes an investigation by Harvard University finding a link between dating apps and disordered eating, particularly among men.

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FGCU hopes to open community mental health counseling clinic by 2019

News-Press  online


After a $1 million donation from David and Alise Bartley, FGCU will open a clinic on campus to serve the public and to be used as a training ground for graduate students.

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Construction starts on FGCU student, community center

Florida Weekly  online


A report on the groundbreaking of the facility that will house a community counseling clinic partially funded by a gift by David and Alise Bartley.

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FGCU to open counseling center next year

WZVN-TV  online


FGCU graduate students are looking forward to the opening of a community counseling center for educational purposes and for community counseling at little to no cost.

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Ohio couple gives $1M to college

Business Observer  online


Dr. Alise Bartley and her husband, David, pledge $1 million for a new Community Counseling Center at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Selected Event Appearances (3)

Compassion Fatigue

American Counseling Association National Conference  Austin, Texas


Depression Symptoms are Not a Major Impediment to Enrollment in Phase-II Cardiac Rehabilitation

American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation National Conference  Long Beach, California


The Elderly, Family Relationships, and Cardiovascular Health

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference  Long Beach, California


Businesses (2)

The Relationship Center of Southwest Florida, LLC

Founder and owner (2017 - present)

The Relationship Center of Northeast Ohio, LLC

Founder and former owner (2005-17)

Selected Articles (4)

Confronting the Realities of Volunteering for a National Disaster

Journal of Mental Health Counseling

Alise G. Bartley

2007 Responding to a national appeal for mental health volunteers to assist with disaster relief efforts is an altruistic act. However, the reality of the actual work of a mental health volunteer can be jarring. In the course of providing services to traumatized individuals, mental health providers are in a position to share the emotional burden of the trauma, become a witness to the damage, recognize the realities of dealing with federal and state agencies, and observe the inequitable distribution of resources. The following is my story of what it was like before, during, and after my experience as a mental health volunteer in the Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi area two months after the destruction of August 2005. I hope that sharing my story will encourage other mental health counselors to play a role in responding to the needs created by events like Hurricane Katrina.

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Depression Symptoms Are Not a Major Impediment to Enrollment in Phase-II Cardiac Rehabilitation

Journal of Cariopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention

Joel W. Hughes, Alise G. Bartley, Elizabeth Casey, Faith Luyster, James Rosneck, Donna Waecther, Richard Josephson

2006 Depression increases the risk of mortality among cardiac patients, which may be partly due to reduced adherence to medical treatment regimens by depressed patients. Depressed patients may be less likely to enroll in CR, an effective treatment that has been shown to reduce mortality among cardiac patients. This study examined the hypothesis that patients reporting higher levels of depression symptoms during hospitalization for a cardiac event would be less likely to enroll in a phase II CR program.

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A Heart Does Not Beat Alone: Coronary Heart Disease Through a Family Systems Lens.

Families, Systems, & Health

Hilscher, R. L., Bartley, A. G., & Zarski, J. J.

2005 This article uses case studies to illustrate how a family systems lens may improve understanding of the impact of coronary heart disease (CHD) on patients and families. An overview of CHD is provided, and cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is presented as a risk reduction and secondary prevention strategy. Various effects of CHD on patient families are viewed through a systemic lens, including 3 case studies with interview excerpts and commentary. Case studies are based on interviews conducted by the authors with 3 married couples. All 3 husbands had experienced cardiac events and subsequently participated in CR. The authors offer commentary on case examples, highlighting systemic issues and concerns that are common among CHD patient families. The authors suggest interventions consistent with a systemic understanding of the impact of CHD on patients and their family. Finally, conclusions are drawn and implications suggested for future research and practice. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

view more

An Investigation of the Relationship Among Social Support, Family Functioning, Depression and Quality of Life to Medical Adherence in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Cr) Patients

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention

Alise G. Bartley

2005 Adherence with medical therapy has been shown to be a concern with patients. Although the effectiveness of CR is well documented, less than one-third of eligible patients currently take advantage of CR services (AACVPR, 1999). Although there is information available regarding adherence-enhancing strategies while in CR (Oldridge & Jones, 1983), little information is available about which psychosocial variables or combination of variables influence participation. The purpose of this study is to identify psychosocial variables that may predict participation in CR.

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