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Almut Winterstein - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Almut Winterstein

Distinguished Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Almut Winterstein is an expert in drug safety and ways to improve medication use.


Almut Winterstein is a distinguished professor and chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy in the College of Pharmacy. She is the founding director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety. Almut is co-leader of the state of Florida's Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research. She is an expert in drug safety and ways to improve medication use. Almut's research interests have centered on the post-marketing evaluation of drugs in pediatrics and perinatal care, infectious disease and psychiatry and the evaluation and improvement of quality surrounding medication use using real-world data.

Areas of Expertise (10)

Medical Marijuana

Healthcare Quality

Drug Use in Maternal and Child Health

Medical Marijuana Safety


Drug Safety

Patient Safety

Medical Marijuana Effectiveness

Teratogenic Drug Effects

Risk Mitigation of Adverse Drug Effects

Media Appearances (2)

UF study finds 1 in 16 women take harmful drugs during pregnancy

UF College of Pharmacy  online


In a review of more than 3 million pregnancies, University of Florida researchers found 1 in 16 women were exposed to harmful teratogenic drugs — medications that can cause pregnancy loss, birth defects and other health problems for the unborn child. The study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology highlights the need for women and their providers to carefully examine medications taken during pregnancy.

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FDA Panels Say Risks of Opana ER Outweigh Benefits

Medscape  online


A panel of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) experts has advised the agency that the risks of an abuse-deterrent extended-release formulation of oxymorphone (Opana ER, Endo Pharmaceuticals) for relief of severe pain now outweigh its benefits.

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Articles (4)

CYP2C19 Genotype‐Guided Antiplatelet Therapy After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Diverse Clinical Settings

Journal of the American Heart Association

Amber L. Beitelshees, et al.


Studies have demonstrated increased risk of major atherothrombotic events in CYP2C19 loss‐of‐function (LOF) variant carriers versus non‐carriers treated with clopidogrel after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). We sought to evaluate real‐world outcomes with the clinical implementation of CYP2C19‐guided antiplatelet therapy after PCI.

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Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy in Patients With Versus Without Dementia

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Yu-Jung J. Wei, Cheng Chen and Almut G. Winterstein


Discontinuation of long-term opioid therapy has increased in recent years, but whether this trend extends to patients with Alzheimer disease and related dementia remains unclear.

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Generalizability and accuracy of IBM MarketScan health risk assessment instrument data for augmentation of commercial claims data

Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety

Yasser Albogami, Yu-Jung J. Wei and Almut G. Winterstein


We evaluated the generalizability and accuracy of the IBM® MarketScan® Health Risk Assessment (HRA) data to assess its suitability as supplement to linked claims data.

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A Mapping Literature Review of Medical Cannabis Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Evidence in Approved Conditions in the USA from 2016 to 2019

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids

S. Jugl, et al.


In 2017, a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) report comprehensively evaluated the body of evidence regarding cannabis health effects through the year 2016. The objectives of this study are to identify and map the most recently (2016–2019) published literature across approved conditions for medical cannabis and to evaluate the quality of identified recent systematic reviews, published following the NASEM report.

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