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Amanda Bullough (Workman) - University of Delaware. Newark, DE, US

Amanda Bullough (Workman)

Professor of Management & Global Leadership, Co-Founder & Research Director of Women’s Leadership Initiative, GLOBE 2020 Principal Co-Investigator | University of Delaware


Prof. Bullough's expertise spans global and women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, societal culture, and organizational behavior.





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Amanda Bullough is a Professor of Management, specializing in global and women’s leadership, and Co-founder and Research Director of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at the University of Delaware’s Lerner College of Business and Economics. She is also a Principal Co-Investigator on the GLOBE Project: GLOBE 2020. Prior to this, she was an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership at Thunderbird School for Global Management in Arizona, a premier university of business graduate programs. Her research and teaching span global leadership, societal culture, organizational behavior, women and gender, cross-cultural management, international business, entrepreneurship, multicultural teams, and professional development, to undergraduate and graduate students, and executives, from companies like Bank of America, W.L. Gore, AAA, DuPont, M&T Bank, Toyota Financial Services, Christiana Healthcare, and others. Dr. Bullough publishes in premier journals (Journal of Management, Academy of Management Perspectives, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Leadership Quarterly, etc.) and has presented at numerous international business and management conferences. Her newest stream of research revolves around her role on a 7-person core research team for the GLOBE 2020 Project—a global culture and leadership research initiative with data covering 99% of the world’s GDP and 97% of the world’s population.

Dr. Bullough has won also won the 2020 E. Arthur Trabant Award for Women’s Equity from the University of Delaware, was honored as a 2019 Women in Business Awardee from Delaware Today magazine, and won the WAIB Best Paper award for Increased Gender Awareness in International Business Research at the Academy of International Business conference in 2009.

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Areas of Expertise (8)

Adverse Environments

International Business

Women's Leadership

Societal Culture

Global Leadership

Organizational Behavior

Cross-Cultural Management

Women's Entrepreneurship

Media Appearances (4)

New Knowledge In The New Normal | UDaily

University of Delaware  online


One idea for addressing gender issues in the workplace that I’ve particularly loved lately is creating and funding a full-time director of, or office of, work-life (or work-life resource center) with dedicated staff to provide and maintain resources. Creating something like this means funding staff who collect and maintain resources that are helpful to employees outside of work.

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Spotlighting Women's Entrepreneurship

University of Delaware - Institute of Public Adminstration  online


Dr. Amanda Bullough, Associate Professor of Management and Global Leadership at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, speaks with Troy Mix, Associate Director of the University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration (IPA), about challenges and opportunities for women in entrepreneurship, the disparate impacts of the pandemic on women in the workforce, and research and education needed to advance women’s entrepreneurship in the future.

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Shaping Women's Entrepreneurship for Global Success

University of Delaware  online


While the overall perception of female entrepreneurship may seem positive, the underlying reality of the success or failure of women entrepreneurs continues to be dynamically shaped by gender and culture. According to University of Delaware Professor of Management Amanda Bullough, both the business world and society-at-large need to pay more attention as to why these conditions persist.

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A Gender Equitable Workplace | UDaily

University of Delaware  online


We are at a time in history when it may seem that a lot of gender equality progress has been made. While abuse still happens, we collectively know that sexual harassment isn’t allowed and shouldn’t be tolerated. We know that we’re not supposed to ask a job applicant if she or he is planning to have children. Some of these types of behaviors go against company policy and some are outright illegal.

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Articles (5)

What About Us? Fostering Authenticity in Entrepreneurship Education

Academy of Management Learning & Education

2022 Entrepreneurship education can provide a space for exploring one’s authentic self. To investigate this, we employed thematic narrative analysis of qualitative data from an extreme sample: women survivors of violence. At the outset, the women storied that their sense of self was destabilized, yet, through the program, they began to understand and accept the self, believe in their own agency, and experienced a newfound vitality for their ventures and life.

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Women’s entrepreneurship and culture: gender role expectations and identities, societal culture, and the entrepreneurial environment

Small Business Economics

2022 Women’s entrepreneurship is increasingly important for creating new jobs and contributing to the social and economic growth of their societies, yet the interplay and nuances of women’s entrepreneurship and culture are currently understudied. In this special issue, we present eight empirical papers that delve into different aspects of the dynamic interaction between gender and culture in shaping women’s entrepreneurship.

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Introduction to womens entrepreneurship and culture: socio-cultural dynamics, role-influenced behaviors and constraint negotiation

Women’s Entrepreneurship and Culture

2021 Women’s entrepreneurship is pivotal for both national economic development and societal advancement, as it provides employment opportunities and promotes self-reliance (Elam et al., 2019; UN Women, 2020; Venkatesh et al., 2017; World Bank, 2012). Gender equality and the empowerment of women are an effective way to combat poverty, hunger and disease and to stimulate sustainable economic development (Neimanis and Tortisyn, 2003).

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Motivational Tiered Assessment: A New Grading Approach for Motivating Information Systems Students

Communications of the Association for Information Systems

2021 Academia places significant weight on grades as a metric to assess how much students have learned (Beatty, 2004). As a form of assessment, however, grades alone do not provide room for feedback and further student development. This paper offers a new direction to information systems (IS) programs to improve student motivation and better assess student learning—motivational tiered assessment (MTA)—that we propose overcomes these concerns.

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How do resilience and self-efficacy relate to entrepreneurial intentions in countries with varying degrees of fragility? A six-country study

International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship

2020 Conflict, poverty and weak institutions create hardships for people, societies and economies on a global basis. We investigate macro-societal state fragility and stability. Within this context, and from a microfoundations perspective, we analyse individual-level constructs and particularly, the importance of entrepreneurial self-efficacy and individual resilience in forming the intent to start a business.

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Accomplishments (5)

Faculty Research Award (professional)

2015 Mae and Robert Carter Endowment in Women’s Studies, University of Delaware, for “Women Entrepreneurs: Building Resilience and Reducing Fear through Business Ownership”

E. Arthur Trabant Award for Women’s Equity (professional)

2020 University of Delaware, presented by the Vice Provost for Diversity in the Office of the Provost

Best Paper Proceedings (professional)

2014 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management Conference

Women in Business Awardee (professional)

2019 Delaware Today magazine, for work as Co-Founder of the Women’s Leadership Initiative

Best Paper and Symposia Proceedings (professional)

2018 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management Conference

Education (3)

Florida International University: PhD, Management & International Business 2008

Florida International University: MA, International Studies 2004

University of South Florida: BS, Business Administration, Marketing 1997

Affiliations (2)

  • Women’s Leadership Initiative at Lerner College of Business & Economics : Co-Founder & Director
  • Paris Foundation : Volunteer

Event Appearances (5)

Gender in International Business Research: Addressing the Importance and Overcoming the Obstacles

2019 Academy of International Business North East U.S. Chapter  Rugers Univeristy, Newark, NJ


Entrepreneurship under Adverse Conditions: A Global Study of Individual Resilience and Self-efficacy

Research Symposium at the Academy of Management  Anaheim, CA

From Shattered Lives to Entrepreneur: The Role of Entrepreneurship Education and Training

2018 Diana International Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference  Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand

Personal Adversity & the Entrepreneurial Challenge: Identity, Resilience, & Purpose of Women Entrepreneurs

2017 Diana International Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference  Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO

Empirical Support for What Types of Pedagogy are Most Effective for Entrepreneurs

Academy of Management Annual Meeting  Atlanta, GA